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Hognostications Week 7

By Frank Hastings | October 18th, 2007

Week six provided some interesting surprises, at least for some of us. The three games that stand out were Minnesota at Chicago, Carolina at Arizona and New Orleans at Seattle. Adrian Peterson absolutely ran all over the Bears’ defense that just last season carried Chicago all the way to the Super Bowl. Surprising, considering the Vikings were playing a quarterback with just two starts; the Bear defense should have been able to load up against the run. Testaverde, at 43 and winning in Arizona after four days with the team, is just a remarkable story.

Congratulations to week six’s winner, TBone, with an 11-2 mark, after only his/her second week of participating in our hog-friendly competition. HOOKBASSGA continues to hold a commanding eight-game lead in the season standings.

Arizona at Washington
When at a loss for words, use someone else’s: Wise men never sit and wail their loss, but cheerily seek how to redress their harms. Despite the challenges on the Washington Redskins’ offensive line, Tim Rattay is in for a long day. If unemployed journeyman quarterbacks, like Testaverde, can come in and play well enough to win, wouldn’t you think there would be a few talented offensive linemen out there looking for an opportunity of a lifetime?
Pick – Redskins

Atlanta at New Orleans
Pretty much a must-win for the Saints if they have any hope of making the playoffs. The Falcons may start Leftwich. This game, like most, could go either way.
Pick – Saints

Baltimore at Buffalo
Look for Willis McGahee to have a big day against his former team, who will continue to start rookie quarterback, Trent Edwards.
Pick – Raisins

Minnesota at Dallas
Wouldn’t it be nice to be proven wrong by Adrian Peterson two weeks in a row? But he’s got to be tired after putting up almost a quarter of a mile on the hapless Bears.
Pick – Pukes

New England at Miami
The Pats are seeking their franchise first 7-0 start. The Fish, meanwhile, have given up on their season and traded their most talented receiver, Chris Chambers, to the Chargers, on Tuesday. Why would Trent Green want to come back?
Pick – Patriots

San Francisco at New York Giants
The story line in this game could be how likely the 49ers are to bring back Alex Smith, three weeks removed from a shoulder separation, to face the daunting Giant pass rush.
Pick – Giants

Tampa Bay at Detroit
The Lions have had their bye week to prepare for the Buccaneers. It won’t be enough, as the Bucs get their first road win of the season. Gruden’s got another serviceable quarterback in Garcia, and their defense is playing well. Lastly, the addition of Michael Bennett (from the Chiefs) will help the Bucs injury-plagued backfield.
Pick – Bucs

Tennessee at Houston
This game hinges on the health of Vince Young. If Young doesn’t play or returns to the sideline injured, the Texans have a shot. The Titans have no passing game; the Texans have no running game. Gotta pick the rushing team with the better defense.
Pick – Titans

Kansas City at Oakland
The Faiders have lost a league record 16 straight divisional games and have lost the last eight to the Chiefs. Make it 17 and 9. Look for Larry Johnson to have a big day against his favorite opponent.
Pick – Chiefs

New York Jets at Cincinnati
Both of these teams are lousy. Picking the Bengals at home with a strong passing game.
Pick – Bengals

Chicago at Philadelphia
McChoke has never lost to his hometown Bears (4-0). Will Brian Westbrook make Urlacher and company look as foolish as Peterson?
Pick – Eagles

St. Louis at Seattle
Tough decision for the Sheep to return Bulger and Jackson to the line up after an 0-6 start.
Pick – Seahawks

Pittsburgh at Denver
The Broncos rank 1st in the league on pass defense, because they rank dead last against the run. Willie Parker will have a huge night as the Steelers show off their true strengths of running the ball and a complete defense on national TV.
Pick – Steelers

Indianapolis at Jacksonville
The potential return of Colt safety Bob Sanders will be a huge boost for the Indianapolis defense. Finally a MNF game worth watching.
Pick – Colts

Last Week 7-6
Season 58-31

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Frank Hastings

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