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What a difference a D makes!!!

By Mark Solway | October 21st, 2007

Wow what a game. I’m not sure that my nerves can take another week of this. I’m so happy we won and after Neil Rackers three year old temper tantrum earlier in the day I wouldn’t have wanted to win any other way! I was so angry that they called offset penalties on that play. He clearly attacked Carlos Rogers and in my opinion should have been ejected for his poor sportsmanship. The only thing that made me feel a little better was seeing him so dejected at the end of his game when his kick just didn’t make the grade. Message to Neil Rackers, GROW UP! London Fletcher was remarkable this week. He made a huge impact when he was really needed and Andre’ Carter also impressed. They (the defense) had a lot on their shoulders this time. The offense just couldn’t compensate for the loss of the majority of the offensive line, thus leaving the defense with a lot of time on the field. They played well until the end when they were clearly getting tired. London took a bogus penalty for doing something that is done on almost every big defensive play by someone on the field. He came right back and showed that it was not going to stop him from performing. Carter forced a fumble and although he had a clear shot at taking Kurt Warner out of the game he focused more on making the play. Great effort by the entire defense, those two get special mention. I was not impressed with the referring during this game. I mentioned two of the instances earlier but I also do not understand how a referee can give forward progress to someone who does not have possession of the football. The difference? This week we beat the other team and the refs! Their calls could have cost us the game but we managed to win despite them. The other thing we managed to overcome was the play calling. I just don’t understand why we’re going the way we are with the plays. We seem to do alright when Jason is able to throw the ball. He’s going to make some mistakes but he needs to be able to do what he does best. Running the ball to the left side for 85% of our plays is not going to get the job done and it’s not doing anything for Jason’s confidence. We need to get that straightened out before we play the Patriots. We’re not going to win against a strong team like the Patriots without making every effort. Relying on a one possession lead and becoming passive with the offense will never cut it in New…

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