Overwhelming evidence of our future victory against NE!

Washington Commanders

Forget all about the hoopla and buzz about the New England Patriots defeating us by a landslide at their home next Sunday. It is not true. And I can provide well document evidence to prove it. We are better on defense: They have allowed fewer yards per game, just two meaningless yards. They have allowed fewer pass yards per game, about 14, almost nothing if you ask me. Aaaah!!!! but … we have allowed fewer rush yards per game, a humongous TWELVE! and … We have allowed fewer points per game, a HUMONGOUS 2.4 points on average! Defense leaders Rank NAME YDS YPG RUSH RUSH YPG PASS PASS YPG PTS PTS/G 3 New England 1924 274.9 649 92.7 1275 182.1 120 17.1 4 Washington 1661 276.8 484 80.7 1177 196.2 88 14.7 Not convinced yet? Look at the offense, we are better: They have 432.9 yards per game, a mere paltry 130 more yards per game than we do. They have 133.4 rush yards per game with a mediocre Sammy Morris and an injured L. Maroney, a mere 20 yards more than we do. They score almost 40 points per game, an amount barely but -UNDER- twice as we do. Offense leaders Rank NAME YDS YPG RUSH RUSH YPG PASS PASS YPG PTS PTS/G 1 New_England 3030 432.9 934 133.4 2096 299.4 279 39.9 29 Washington 1827 304.5 688 114.7 1139 189.8 122 20.3 So, what is there not to like? We have very similar defenses and the only difference is that they have an offense but their offense is just running up the score and yards on some weak teams at the end of games. They are over-rated. OK, maybe you are not convinced yet and there might be grounds for some skepticism. I am a patient and understanding fan. How about injuries? Aha! They have an injured RB who may or may not play. We, on the other hand, have an almost brand new, fresh and uninjured OL! See the difference? A pattern is beginning to emerge! OK maybe you are not convinced yet and there might be still grounds for further skepticism. They do have a scouting department and a clever front office which provides them with great depth at every position, and we have Vinny Cerrato and Dan Snyder. Who would not like to go to Six Flags or watch Mission Impossible XII? OK, you still do not believe me. Here it goes: the one and only Ace under my sleeve: We will WIN -because- any team can beat any other team if they prepare and play with character as brothers in arms on any given Sunday. That is why the game is played. Got it?…

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