Hognostications Week 8

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The dominant story lines in the NFL these days, seem to be how unstoppable the Patriots and Colts are, how everyone else in the league is playing for third place, and how the Super Bowl will be a non-event as a result. Have the numb-skulls writing this garbage watched this league in the past? There is no way at the half-way mark of any season that someone can anoint any one or two teams or a conference for that matter, as an absolute champion.

Cleveland at St. Louis
The Browns are coming off their bye week and should be focused enough to handle the injury-riddled Sheep, despite the potential return of Steven Jackson. You think we have OL problems? The Rams have only once had the same line that started the game, finish the game (which sounds familiar); and through the first seven games, have had three left tackles, three left guards, two centers, four right guards and three right tackles. Even with all that against them, they may have a legitimate shot at home against a struggling Brown defense.
Pick – Browns

Detroit at Chicago
Four weeks ago the Bears gave up a league record 34 points in the fourth quarter and lost in Detroit. The memory of that embarrassment and the possibility of being just one game behind division leader, Green Bay, by the end of the day, will be enough to motivate Chicago past Detroit.
Pick – Bears

Indianapolis at Carolina
Despite coming off their bye week, Carolina is still banged up at quarterback and running back. David Carr, who should play, is all too familiar with the Colts and has had success against them in the past. Anyone buying if that means anything?
Pick – Colts

New York Giants at Miami
London? Lame. Go fish!
Pick – Giants

Oakland at Tennessee
Unbelievable game last weekend between the Texans and the Titans. Neither of these teams has a passing game. The Titans, at home and leading the league in rush defense, should win easily, with or without Young.
Pick – Titans

Philadelphia at Minnesota
Adrian Peterson and Brian Westbrook lead the league in yards from scrimmage. However, look for McNabb to be the difference in this one, as he and emerging wide receiver Kevin Curtis, take on the league’s worst pass defense. Tarvaris Jackson looked horrible against the beatable Pukes.
Pick – Eagles

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
This might have been a tougher pick had the Steelers won in Denver Sunday night. The Bungles haven’t beaten the Steelers at home in nearly six years; make it seven.
Pick – Steelers

Buffalo at New York Jets
Rookie Trent Edwards gets his third start against the team he beat in his first start back in week four. This is a tough pick; going with the home team.
Pick – Jets

Houston at San Diego
Good to see Sage Rosenfels have such a big game last week. Schaub’s status is unknown at this point. Not sure it will matter who starts for the Texans against the rested and two-weeks-prepared Chargers. Even Norv Turner can prepare a team for the Texans with two weeks. It’ll be interesting to see where the league decides to play this game, but doubt it will matter.
Pick – Chargers

Jacksonville at Tampa Bay
The loss of Garrard (out for up to 4 weeks) for the Jags is huge. Quinn Gray (fourth year, Florida A&M) will get his first start against a Bucs team that excels at home. The Bucs have first place in their division as a motivator, assuming Carolina doesn’t upset the Colts.
Pick – Bucs

New Orleans at San Francisco
Frank Gore is hobbled and unhappy with his teammates, which can’t be good for the 9ers. This is another tough pick. Picking the Saints, who appear more likely to have begun turning things around.
Pick – Saints

Washington at New England
It’s time for “the biggest underdog in sport history” to show everyone what they’re made of! Brady has beaten every NFL team except the Washington Redskins (only meeting 09/28/03, L 17-20). The Redskins have beaten the Patriots the last six meetings and haven’t lost to the Pats since 1972. Let’s make it another 35 years!
Pick – Redskins

Green Bay at Denver
Something’s gotta give as Favre, without a running game, goes up against one of the league’s top passing defenses. In addition, the Packers have won nine of their last ten games dating back to last season, while the Broncos have won three straight on Monday Night Football. Picking the Broncos at home, who need the win more than the Pack.
Pick – Broncos

Last Week: 10-4
Season: 68-35

Here are the top 10 Hognosticators going into week eight.

Pos Poolmeisters          TW   TL  TT   Pct.  Change
  1 HOOKBASSGA            79   24   0   76.7     --
  2 Mursilis              69   34   0   67.0     + 2
  3 Kearney420            69   34   0   67.0     - 1
  4 FFA                   69   34   0   67.0    + 3
  5 Justice Hog           68   35   0   66.0     + 4
  6 REDEEMEDSKIN          68   35   0   66.0     - 1
  7 Texas Hog             68   35   0   66.0    + 5
  8 riggins85             67   36   0   65.0     - 5
  9 innovator83           67   36   0   65.0     + 4
 10 NC43Hog               67   36   0   65.0     - 4

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Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Frank Hastings

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