The Cards before the Storm

Washington Commanders

It took me awhile to get this done, but luckily Boss doesn’t dock my pay when I’m late. Boo. What’s more terrifying than all that talent on defense? Talent that plays well together. All game I saw guys sprinting to the ball, high fives, hugs, players excited about another player’s performance. It all points to defense that’s tight, that is truly playing together as a team. And it’s a dangerous sign for opponents. Run away! Wow, that onside kick coverage was horrible. Redskins players looked like the ball had been dipped in cooties, and they were making sure they didn’t catch anything. Neil Rackers is still an idiot. That is all. (I couldn’t use the word I really wanted to, seeing as though this is a PG forum, but you get the idea). Mother Teresa is turning in her grave. The burning bush was a miracle. The Virgin Mary’s image on a piece of toast, miracle. Sanjaya lasting as long as he did in last year’s American Idol (my wife makes me watch), miracle. Kurt Warner playing with a busted elbow – definitely NOT a miracle, despite what the announcers said. And he could have split ice blocks with that thing, it was made out of some sort of space metal you see in comic books. If Kurt had done one-handed lefty cartwheels down the field, avoiding Redskin defenders, all the while stocking shelves, then maybe someone should get the Pope on the line. Otherwise, it’s just a guy making a gutsy start. Whoops. I’m sorry, but the penalty of Dockett for the late hit on Sellers was bogus. Landry’s was more legitimate, but Dockett’s was a big call that changed the game. ‘Are they booing?’ That’s what my wife asks every time Smooty makes a play, which seems to be quite often. I didn’t watch him play in Minny that much, but if he played there like he’s playing here now, I can’t imagine they’d let him go. It’s not so much the pass coverage I’m impressed with, but how physical he’s playing. I continually see him taking out the blocker on screens, and crashing the corner on runs to get in on the tackle. And he had a key block on Fletcher’s interception return for a TD. I’m happy to have him back. Music to my ears. ‘Portis behind Sellers….’ This phrase usually ends in ‘touchdown Redskins!’ I hope to hear it for many years to come. I love how London Fletcher plays football. That is all. Carry on. My TiVo is smarter that I am. Due to a power outage, my lover-er, I mean, TiVo, failed to record the Redskins-Packers game while i was away. I knew they had lost, but I was pissed to miss the game anyway. So what did I do? Despite my TiVo’s warnings, I watched the Replay on the NFL Network. Stupid me. Whoops, Part Duex. Speaking of Fletcher, I hated that taunting call. What is this, Pop Warner? I understand the image that the NFL is trying to project, but come on. This is an emotional game, guys get jacked up. It’s like asking Mike Tyson to NOT bite ears, or Britney Spears to wear underwear. Like a cat on my couch. Anyone notice how well Rocky is shedding blockers and making tackles? It seems like every play he’s taking on a huge tackle, keeps his separation until the play develops, then slides and makes the tackle. He’s fun to watch. No wonder they didn’t want to give him up. Poise. I’m sure it’s been mentioned before, but I was so impressed with Campbell’s ability to recognize trouble and adapt. His improvisation on the intended shovel pass to Portis, scrambling for a first down, gave me hope for the years to come. The Front 14. At least, that’s how it feels, given the pressure that the defensive line has applied this year so far. I don’t know what’s changed between last year and this year, but the defensive line play has allowed Gregg Williams to be much more creative with his schemes. Who? I’ll be the first to admit that I know very little about Chris Wilson. But when I saw him play this week, the first thought that crept into my head was ‘Dwight Freeney’. Now, I know that’s a big leap, but he has the build (tall and lanky with arms down to his knees) and the speed. He was frequently in the backfield on a speed rush, and it seemed as though a little work on technique might make him into a difference-maker. Next, on ‘The View’. The hot topic is ‘Who’s to blame for the offense’s poor performances?’ But I think there are a few things that people are forgetting. We have one healthy starter on the offensive line. One. How many teams could struggle through that and get a win? Not many. Injuries on the line have forced Campbell’s favorite weapon, Cooley, to stay in more than they’d like him to. Add to that a sub-par season from Moss (which is due to his injury, in my opinion), and you’ve got all the ingredients needed for a miserable season. But is that happening? No. Somehow, someway, they’re finding a way to win ballgames. Know why? Because they fight their guts out. Hey kid, you want some candy? As a resident of New England, I am forced to watch parts of Pats games (state law). And what I’ve been seeing is that, while he is a great quarterback, Tom Brady is slipping into what I call the ‘Daunte Culpepper Coma’. The most obvious symptom is throwing deep into double coverage to Randy Moss. He catches a few of those, and all of a sudden, the play is part of the playbook. The disease is named after Culpepper, who contracted it in Minnesota, died in Miami, and is now wasting away in the hell they call ‘Oakland’. If Brady isn’t careful, he could catch it as well. In steps Sean Taylor, who, being a man who is deeply concerned about the welfare of others, will try help Brady avoid the disease. He’ll proverbially put his arm around the quarterback and say, ‘Tom, you can’t do this. Sure, Moss will catch a few bombs, but eventually, the magic will fade. Plus, if you try to throw deep on me, I’ll punish you.’ What a guy. Pretty please with sugar on top? I was born and bred in the Boston area, spent most of my life in New England (except for three glorious years in Maryland), and still live here. Most of the friends I’ve picked up along the way are Pats fans. Who like to talk trash. It would feel so incredibly great to hear my phone not ringing on Sunday night. Aside from the Dallas games, this is the one I want the most. Pretty please…

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