Confessions of a Redskins fan.

Washington Commanders

Not much to write about this week, obviously. Writing less will help me move on, which I think we can all agree is what we need to do this week. A couple of things stuck out to me though…. All or nothing. I was very surprised at the game plan Coach Gibbs decided on against the Pats. In a game where the difference in talent level is substantial, and against a coach who has a reputation for finding and exploiting weaknesses, I had expected Gibbs to come out with a game plan different from his typical style. The Pats expected us to come out and try to dominate the line of scrimmage and run the ball. They expected us to be in third and long situations, and they knew they could do some damage with a blitz on the weakened right side. So rather than do what they’re expecting, why not be more aggressive that usual? Why not try to set up the run with the pass, and slow down the blitz a bit? Throw more on first and second down, to keep them guessing? What do we have to lose? Instead, it looked to me like the Redskins were playing their typical style of football, and hoping not to get blown out. And that worked out well. I could live with being out-played against such a talented team, but there should be no reason to be out-coached in a game like that. Pride. This thought came to me moments after the game, but I let it stew a few days to make sure I wasn’t just bitter. It comes down to this statement: I would rather be on the wrong side of a 52-7 drubbing than be a fan of the New England Patriots. As bad as that loss was, I am less embarrassed to be a Redskin fan this week that I would be if I were a Patriots fan. Yeah, maybe there’s still some bitterness in there, but I asked myself how I would feel if Joe Gibbs were caught cheating, or running up the score, or sleeping with someone else’s wife (allegedly). I would have some very serious reservations about the team that I support and cheer for. For me, integrity and pride are a big part of sports, and I would be unable to say that I believe in a coach or player or team that I knew lacked those qualities. Now, Pats fans may say that everyone cheats, or that running up the score is part of this big boy’s sport, or explain away anything else that their team, coach or players do. That’s fine. I won’t argue with them, because I know it’s futile. Either they are in denial, or they truly deserve to be Pats fans. Me, I’m happy to be a Redskins fan every week, win or lose. Onward, upward. So it’s those thoughts that helped me cope with the loss this week, and look forward to this week’s game, and beyond. No matter what, I know I can have pride in the team that I support – maybe not in the quality of their play, but in the quality of their character. We’re lucky, not everyone can say that. Go…

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