Stress, Disappointment, Grief: Another Redskins-Cowboys game

Washington Commanders

I often joke with my kids when they’re watching Pixar’s Cars for the 427th time that maybe this time McQueen’s tires won’t blow on the final lap and he’ll win the race, instead of tying with the King and Chick. That’s how I felt as I watched the game again last night (yes, that’s how committed I am to you, the reader, that I will suffer that pain again). But, alas, they couldn’t pull it out the second time, and rather than go for best of five, I deleted it forever from my TiVo. Did someone set off a stink bomb in the owner’s box? Say what you want about Dan Snyder, but at least he isn’t on the sidelines halfway through the third quarter when his team is in trouble. The worst part is that now the cameras can get up nice and close to Jerry, so we can see all that stretched skin on his face. It’s like something out of a Hannibal movie. Just like they drew it up. ‘Okay, I’ll fake to you Clinton, and then you make a flying block at the blitzing linebacker – don’t forget to get hurt. Chris, you whiff on your block on Ware. Antwaan, you run a post, and then do that stupid box thing that you do with your hands that no one understands. Santana, go down the sidelines, I’ll overthrow you a bit, and you make the one-handed catch. Ready-break.’ Captain Obvious. Okay, let’s get the obvious out of the way – JC should have run for the first down rather than try to throw to Randle El; Sean Taylor’s absence was mega-super-huge, given the secondary’s unwillingness to get within 20 yards of TO; Shawn Springs had an absolutely horrendous day; and finally, yes, Dallas fans should be happy that their team escaped with a win, playing at home against a struggling 5-4 team. Let’s move on. Moooom, Terrell pushed me! So they’ll call a taunting penalty on Fletch for yelling at the sidelines a few weeks ago, but TO pushing Springs is okay? In my opinion, neither should be a penalty, but at least be consistent. Motion sickness. I’ve mentioned the need to change up the snap count in past blogs (before Troy Aikman did so on Ware’s forced fumble), but a thought occurred to me: with all the motion and shifting in Saunders’ offense, I imagine it’s tough to go on a two or three count. With some motions, it may be possible, but in most cases, the quarterback is calling for the snap when the player in motion gets to a designated spot. So while all the motion may help confuse the linebackers and secondary, it may not help the offensive lineman much. New, from Nike – The Air Sellers sneaker. Mid-afternoon booty call. If you believe in such a thing as the god Fortuna (as opposed to her sister, Lady Luck), you would have to guess that the Cowboys are sleeping with her, and she may even be their Sugar Mama. Three bad snaps, all falling neatly into the hands of a Cowboy (including the ol’ off the facemask to the RB play), one even for a completion. Great bounces on punts, limited injuries this year, and the list goes on. Sometime, you can’t fight fate. Unsung Hero of the Week: goes to Rock Cartwright. Quietly, the guy is having a monster year, and consistently puts our offense in a position to score (not that they take advantage of it). He doesn’t look like much, but he’s doing a heck of a job. Et tu, Joe? It looks like Joe Buck has joined the rest of the media on the Cowboys train. So sad. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? I’m no cop, but I’m sure it’s illegal in several states for a former Cowboy great to say that his favorite player in the league is a Redskin. There’s no winking in football! Just who the heck is Tony Romo winking at?!? Or does he have some sort of medical condition? Funniest moment of the game… was in the first quarter, the Cowboys were on offense, and Jones and Kosier were blocking Flozel Adams out of the huddle. So he grabs them both by the shirt and shoves them out of the way so he can hear the play. Classic. More than meets the eye. Mike Sellers looks like a Transformer with his new helmet and facemask. You almost expect to see him transform into a tank after he catches the ball. Oh, that’s right, he already does that. Apples to apples. You can compare Romo’s stats with Campbell’s and say that Romo had a better game, which is true, but I think Campbell threw the ball better. Romo was very ‘fortunate’ (maybe THAT’S who he’s winking at…) that three of his throws over the middle were not picked off. Two drops by Rocky Mac, and one that went through the hands of Fletcher. All three would have had HUGE impacts on the game. Romo seemed to be forcing it a bit on his throws in the middle. Déjà vu all over again. 3rd and 19. 3rd & 19?!? How do let anyone get behind you, let alone that big guy with ‘Owens’ on the back of his shirt?!? Of the four, that one pissed me off the most. I was here last week saying the same thing about 3rd and long. We need to fix this. Your NFL Rule Tidbit of the Day. I don’t know if this was done on purpose by the Redskins, but on the drive that resulted in the touchdown to make the game 28-23, the Redskins were huddling after players went out of bounds with more than five minutes left. As I’m sure all of you know, the clock will restart once the ball is set with more than five minutes left in the 4th quarter, even if a player steps out of bounds. Apparently, some of the Redskins didn’t know that. Todd Wade, pay attention. See that guy out there, number 53? He’s got a bad hammy. He’s in obvious pain. He can barely get up after each play. And yet he does. Because it’s the Cowboys, and he’s a Redskin. Meanwhile, you’re knee is good enough for you to be standing on the sidelines chatting it up, or walking around the clubhouse without a limp. Maybe your knee really is messed up, and I’m wrong, but it sure looked to me like you could take a lesson from Mr. Washington on what it means to be a Redskin. Nothing to see here…. In a thread earlier this week, one poster suggested that Santana Moss should sit this week, and every week until he’s really healthy. I have inside information that said poster was about to jot down some notes to this effect after Moss was invisible in the first half, with the intention of placing the comment in some sort of blog or something. Well, where is that poster now, after Moss’ great second half, eh? Show your face, coward! Elizabeth! I’m comin’ to join ya! I can say with confidence that I have never been more nervous this season than I was when the ‘skins were driving for the potential game-winning score (I’m sure Cowboy fans may have felt the same way). It was fun. Isn’t that why we watch the game? To see how our emotional investment will work out? Unfortunately, this week, my investment left me face down on the living room floor for several minutes. But you can bet your sweet patootie that me and my emotional investment will be back next week, heart meds in…

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