Let us grieve!

Washington Commanders

The last 48 hours have been difficult times in my home. The loss of a great member of the Redskin’s community has been very difficult to deal with. The life he lived on and off the football field has come under great scrutiny by the media and the public in general. I don’t know if certain presumptions are being made based on stereotypical journalists that find it necessary to sensationalize everything or if the public is coming to these conclusions from their own preconceived notions about wealthy young black men. Either way the path it is leading public opinion down is wrong. Sean Taylor was not a thug, he was not a gangster. I feel I need to get my opinion down on paper as opposed to screaming it at the television or radio when I hear these comments being made. Certain public media personalities have said that this was an inevitable event that anyone could have seen coming. Others have questioned what the NFL will do to teach these young wealthy men that guns mean trouble. All of these statements are ludicrous. Sean Taylor was a father; he was a gentle human being. It seems that the cold shoulder that Taylor gave the media translated into a lack of respect for his life and his family after his passing. Sean Taylor did not have a gun in his possession at the time of his passing. He was mortally wounded protecting his own. He stood strong to protect his daughter and girlfriend in the face of danger. The bedroom that they all shared was attacked by a bad guy, by a thug, and he stood strong. I pray that if I am ever faced with this type of adversity I would be as strong as Sean was. He is a brave soul and his life should not be remembered by national media who never met him. If you want to know who he was in life ask someone who had more to base their opinion on then what the media has reported. Aristotle — “Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees the…

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