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Pedro Taylor

By Mark Solway | December 4th, 2007

I’ve observed a lot in the last eight days – mouth often agape as I see the Sean Taylor tragedy bring out both the best and the worst in people. I’ve found true inspiration in the man that Sean Taylor called dad. Very little was known of Sean’s personal life, let alone about Pedro, or Pete as he is known to many. Sure I knew from Sean’s bio stuff that he was a chief of police in Florida City, but other than that, I knew very little. I still don’t. But a small glimpse of the man through this tough ordeal, has certainly told me a few things about him. As I’ve watched him stand in front of reporters and fend off one seemingly offensive question after another – I wonder where the man finds the patience. I understand that his job likely mandates that he’s comfortable at a press conference, but we’re talking about barrages of questions about his dearly beloved, recently deceased son. It’s not exactly the same. Yet he stands tall, he stands proud, and he honors all that know and look to him for his strength. He answers questions with conviction and with compassion, and to be honest, he really doesn’t have to. Not many would hold it against him if he didn’t speak to the press ever again, not after the charade they put on last week. And yet still he stands; a pillar of the community even in the wake of such horrific circumstances. Truly honorable. It isn’t hard to see why Sean was so caught up in his new baby daughter… he was just anxious to be everything to Jackie, like Pedro had probably been to him. He was just following an example set by his father. I don’t know that for a fact – but I personally think that Sean’s actions speak for themselves – and so do his father’s. When you juxtapose this man’s great spirit, with the bottom-feeders that tragedies inevitibly bring out, it’s quite a study in human essence. Witness the idiots out there selling Sean Taylor merchandise at premium prices. Capitalism? Maybe, but it’s exploitive at best. Witness the countless grandstanders – people leaping onto soapboxes, and constantly pointing to themselves during this tragedy. Witness the ‘impartial’ press that seemed to forego all shreds of decency for the sake of a splashy story or two. Truly despicable. What a stark contrast to the type of human being that Pedro Taylor appears to be. I believe that’s a CHOICE that people can make, and not some foregone conclusion. Mr. Taylor has inspired me with his strength, and he has comforted me with his belief in his own faith. I don’t know if it makes him a hero, or just a good human being – I only know that the world needs more of…

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