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Step right up…

By Mark Solway | February 12th, 2008

… and see the unbelievable, logic-defying Washington Redskins!! As the NFL looks on… and laughs… I’m left wondering what on earth it is about the Washington Redskins that I love so much. Because it isn’t the organization itself. Frankly, the organization is downright embarrassing right now. I don’t care what anyone thinks about Jim Zorn – it has nothing to do with it. By all accounts he is a very capable coach and someone who was likely destined to move on to bigger and better things eventually anyway. But now? And under a veil of what seems like desperation? Those of you who think that this was by design are nothing more than apologists for the organization. This whole freak show wasn’t by design – it was an evolution of mistakes. I don’t exactly feel sorry for Gregg Williams – he was paid handsomely to put up with the kind of crap that he put up with when he left. But don’t take that as a vote of confidence in the organization… I’m merely acknowledging that Gregg got paid very well to come to Washington and sit in the wings and wait. That doesn’t justify the means by which it all came about, or rationalize the complete travesty that has been this Redskins coaching changeover though. Once again, this organization proved implicitly that without a good football mind making decisions, we’re a laughing stock. Yes I said laughing stock. Over the last few days I have been bombarded with snide comments and jeers as fans of other teams sound off on the state of MY football team. They just point and laugh and trail off into oblivion as they cackle ‘Jim Fricking Zorn’? Now I’m not one to put much stock in what the fan’s of other teams say in jest – but none of them are joking. They’re not having a go at me, as football enthusiasts, they are truly shocked that an organization like the Redskins could manage to UNDO so quickly what Gibbs restored in his tenure – respect. R-E-S-P-E-C-T… find out what it means to me. It isn’t crapping on your defensive coordinator as he heads to a new place because you hosed him on a job. It isn’t naming coordinators before you even have a coach. It isn’t telling the fan base that there will be continuity when you’re bringing in an entirely new offensive system and named a new defensive coordinator. And it sure as hell isn’t doing ALL of this when you should be topping up your draft wish list, trimming salary cap fat, and finding a way to bring in a free agent or two. How do you conduct a draft with so little structure within? How do you target players for your system when you don’t even seem to have a system yet? The answer to both questions is probably – poorly. I can only speak for myself when I say – No Mas . When will Redskin fans learn that an organization whose FIRST concern is MAKING MONEY will never win anything? When will you learn that LOVING THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS doesn’t predicate that you come up with a rationalization for every stupid move ever made by the organization itself? Learn to separate the two – team and organization. Your credibility depends on it. You can’t arbitrarily ‘okay’ everything ever done by management just because you love the team, well not if you expect people to take you seriously. I will always love my Washington Redskins TEAM… but I’m fed up and thoroughly disgusted by the state of the organization itself. I always thought that Snyder’s marketing prowess took a page out of PT Barnum’s playbook. And go figure, now I’m looking at a complete circus act. “I am a showman by profession…and all the gilding shall make nothing else of me.” – PT Barnum All the gilding in the world won’t turn Snyder and Cerrato into a viable football General Manager either. Don’t stick your head in the sand as you try to ride out the latest wave of Redskin embarrassment; separate team and organization and place your frustrations where they truly belong – and are so richly deserved – the organization itself. My 2…

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