Team Needs: Cincinnati Bengals

NFL Draft

2007 Results: 7-9
2008 Projected Cap Status: $84,790,000 or $31,210,000 under the projected Cap of $116,000,000

2007 Season Recap:

The 2007 Cincinnati Bengals set out to improve upon their 8-8 record and make the playoffs after narrowly missing them in 2006. They went 6-6 after the bye week, but after a 1-4 start, it wasn’t enough, as they finished with a 7-9 record. The reasons for such a disastrous season have been leveled on many different players and issues. Chris Henry missed the first half of the season due to suspension, which caused the offense to be limited. The defensive units allowed almost 120 yards per game on the ground week in and week out. Chad Johnson turned into Ocho-Chinco from the bye week on, and the back and forth between him and the coaching staff continues into the off-season.

Team Needs:

1. Defensive End – Justin Smith is gone, which leaves Bryan Robinson, Michael Myers and John Thornton to hold down the position. All three are getting up in age and if Head Coach Marvin Lewis switches to the 3-4 as some has suggested, Robinson may not be able to adapt. Robert Geathers can come off the edge but isn’t an every down end. The signing of Jonathan Fanene should help, as the team struggled to get pressure on opposing quarterbacks from the end position last year and this needed to be address in free agency and/or the draft.

2. Defensive Tackle – The Bengals need a quick powerful tackle that can create an interior pass rush, stop the run, and collapse the pocket; they need someone at defensive tackle that draws attention from opposing offenses. The team hasn’t had a difference-maker at DT in quite some time and has been vulnerable giving up an average of 118.3 yards rushing per game. Tackle Domata Peko may be the only interior lineman to return and probably would be the starting nose tackle if the Bengals do go to a 3-4 alignment, however, he has never played the position.

3. Offensive Tackle – Willie Anderson is nearing the end of his career and has had injury problems lately. Injuries had a negative effect the whole offensive line last year, but some depth to go along with Stacy Andrews would allow him to focus on one side or the other and not be the back up for both Anderson and Levi Jones. Guard Andrew Whitworth has experience at tackle, so drafting or signing another guard that also plays tackle could be an option. The re-signing of tackle Stacy Andrews is a start.

2008 Draft Picks:

1st Round — 9th Overall
2nd Round – 46th Overall
3rd Round — 77th Overall
4th Round — 108th Overall
5th Round — 137th Overall
6th Round — 168th Overall
7th Round — 199th Overall

Free agency status:

SS Herana-Daze Jones … Re-signed
WR Antonio Chatman … Re-signed
OT Stacy Andrews… Re-signed


WR Skyler Green …Signed with the New Orleans Saints
TE Cooper Wallace…Signed with the San Francisco 49ers
DL Justin Smith…Signed with the San Francisco 49ers
FS Madieu Williams…Signed with the Minnesota Vikings
PK Aaron Elling
P Kyle Larson
C Alex Stepanovich
DL Bryan Robinson
LB Landon Johnson
LB Dhani Jones
LB Lemar Marshall
LB Caleb Miller


WR Tab Perry
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
OT Adam Kieft
DL Jonathan Fanene
LB Rashad Jeanty
LB Corey Mays


RB Dan Burks
WR Glenn Holt

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