Team Needs: Kansas City Chiefs

NFL Draft

2007 Results: 4-12
2008 Projected Cap Status: $28,050,000 under the cap

2006 Season Recap:

After starting the season 4-3, the Chiefs seemed on track for a run at the playoffs. But wait . . . following their bye week the bottom fell out; they went winless the rest of the season, losing their last 9 games. This was a team that went to the playoffs in 2006 and seemed poised to have a back-to-back run – the first since 1995. After releasing Trent Green, the offense never seemed to find itself, ranking at the bottom of the league in both passing (20th) and rushing (32nd) while producing a dismal 14.1 points per game. On the defensive side of the ball, they were good against the pass, or maybe since they were so bad (28th) against the run, it really didn’t matter.

Team Needs:

1. Offensive Line – With the starting Guards and Center all over the age of 30, the Chiefs will be looking to get younger. Look for them to look for depth in the later draft rounds – time to groom for the future. They also need a big run blocking tackle.

2. Wide Receiver – They need someone who can compliment T. Gonzalez, and help stretch the field. With two UFA WRs, either signing them or getting draft help is a must.

3. Cornerback – Once again, age is creeping up on the Chiefs with both Ty Law and Patrick Surtain in their 30’s. Getting some youth in to learn from both of these guys will help them in the future.

4. Placer Kicker – May be a late round pick to put some pressure on Dave Rayner – competition may be what he needs to pick up his game.

2007 Draft Picks:

1st Round — 5th Overall
2nd Round — 35th Overall
3rd Round — 66th Overall
4th Round – 101st Overall
5th Round — 128th Overall (from Miami)
5th Round – 132nd Overall
6th Round – 163rd Overall
6th Round – 180th Overall (from TB)
7th Round – 194th Overall
7th Round – 224th Overall (from NYG)

Free agency status:

K John Carney
WR Eddie Drummond
LB Keyaron Fox
WR Samie Parker
CB Benny Sapp
OT Kyle Turley (retired)
C Casey Wiegmann
DE Jimmy Wilkerson (singed TB)
TE Kris Wilson

P Dustin Colquitt (signed KC)
FB Boomer Grigsby
OT Will Svitek

C Rudy Niswanger
LB Mickey Pimentel

Franchise Tag:
DE Jared Allen (signed KC)

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