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Dan Snyder Talks ‘Skins

By Scott Hurrey | April 2nd, 2008
In this morning’s edition of the Washington Times, David Elfin published a transcript of an interview he did with Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder and a corresponding article. While I have issue with some of the things David Elfin writes and was unimpressed with the way he handled the inclusion of fan sites in the 2004 Mini Camp I was lucky enough to attend, this interview gives an interesting insight into how Dan Snyder views himself and the organization in its current state.

Now I’ve never been one to bash Dan Snyder. I don’t think he is always right, and I may question specific decisions that he makes or the processes he employs to make them, but overall, I’m of the opinion that he generally makes them with the best intentions. That being said, there is a specific question and answer in this article that I do have a beef with:

Q: How are you doing with your fans?

A: All of our (suites and club seats) renewed last year. Our waiting list is over 200,000. You can sign up on the Web site. (Smiles.)

One of the main arguments that “Snyder Bashers” harp on is the way Snyder treats the fans. There was a blog on this very site after fan appreciation day two years ago about how the fans didn’t feel very appreciated. Another followed shortly there after, regarding the apparent recycling of $300 jerseys. This comment seems to validate the opinion of those bashers on what we, as fans, mean to the Snyder regime.

Dan, you could have taken this opportunity to reach out to the fans. You could have talked about trying to put the best product out on the field that you can, you could have talked about the upcoming draft day party, or even the Beach Blitz, which I assume will take place in Virginia Beach again this season. Instead, you brought up how many seats you sold and how many people are waiting for seats.

I realize that money is the name of the game. The NFL is a business, first and foremost. I just wish it didn’t have to be so evident that you see fans as dollar signs, rather than the lifeblood of this flagship franchise.

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