Team Needs: Denver Broncos

NFL Draft

2007 Results: 7-9
2008 Projected Cap Status: $1,860,600 under the cap

2007 Season Recap:

The 2007 season ended for the Denver Broncos in week 15 with a loss to the Houston Texans, and for the second year in a row, they failed to make the playoffs. The season started promisingly with 2 wins, but 3 consecutive losses left them 2-3 at the bye week. They never could find any consistency however, winning 1 then losing 2 then winning 2 then losing 2 – to ultimately finish a disappointing 7-9. Defensively, the Broncos couldn’t stop the run – finishing 30th in the league, and blowout losses to San Diego twice helped to emphasize this deficiency. Offensively, they still have game, finishing a respectable 11th on the year, but need to find a way to close the ever widening gap with the San Diego Chargers.

Team Needs:

1. Defensive Tackle – After a 30th rated run defense, they need a run stopping gap filling big DT. 2007 saw the Broncos giving way to much at the line of scrimmage. Off the field behavior of Marcus Thomas also has bumped up this need.

2. Offensive Line – Help is need to add more protection for Jay Cutler, and a zone-blocking left guard would fit this bill. Ryan Harris may be able to take this position, but the book is still out on him.

3. Safety – A replacement for the aging (36) John Lynch is in order with the ability to defend against the run.

2008 Draft Picks:

1st Round – 12th overall
2nd Round – 42nd overall
4th Round – 108th overall
4th Round – 119th overall (from WAS)
5th Round – 139th overall (from OAK)
5th Round – 148th overall
6th Round – 183rd overall (from HOU)
7th Round – 220th overall
7th Round – 277th overall (from TB)

Free agency status:

TE Stephen Alexander
DE Ebenezer Ekuban (signed)
PK Jason Elam (Falcons)
DE John Engelberger (signed)
S Nick Ferguson (Texans)
TE Nate Jackson (signed)
RB Cecil Sapp (signed)

S Hamza Abdullah
CB Domonique Foxworth
C Chris Myers (Texans)
CB Karl Paymah

LB Ian Gold
LB Warrick Holdman
WR Javon Walker

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