Team Needs: Cleveland Browns

NFL Draft

2007 Results: 10-6
2008 Projected Cap Status: $4,791,990 under the cap

2007 Season Recap:

Winning 10 games and failing to make the playoffs? That’s what the Browns did in 2007 – surprising everyone with a 10-win season, only to be disappointed with not making the playoffs. Derek Anderson took over the QB spot and became the leader of the team, while Jamal Lewis rushed for over 1300 yards. Strengthening one of the leagues worst defenses will be a priority in 2008 in order for them to get to the next level. They will also have to find a way to beat the Steelers, a division foe they lost to twice.

Team Needs:

1. Defensive End – Need a pass rushing end that can consistently put pressure on the quarterback – good young players in Smith and Roye, but need someone who can be a game breaker

2. Linebacker – Need an outside linebacker to team with the talented Kamerion Wimbley on the right side.

3. Defensive Tackle – Playing a 3-4 means you have to have a hard-nosed tackle to plug that middle, right now they don’t have that.

4. Running Back – With Jamal Lewis turning 29 soon, they need to get younger at this position.

2008 Draft Picks:

4th Round – 122nd overall
5th Round – 155th overall
6th Round – 190th overall (from SEA)
7th Round – 231st overall

Free agency status:

LB Keith Adams
CB Gary Baxter (signed)
WR Tim Carter
CB Ricardo Colclough (Panthers)
OT Nat Dorsey
G Lennie Friedman (signed)
DE Bobby Hamilton
DT Ethan Kelley
RB Jamal Lewis (signed)
C Seth McKinney (signed)
S Nick Sorensen (signed)
LB Matt Stewart
LB Chaun Thompson (Texans)
DT Ted Washington

QB Derek Anderson (signed)
LB Kris Griffin (signed)
CB Daven Holley

DE Simon Fraser (Falcons)
DT Orpheus Roye

WR Donte’ Stallworth
LB Shantee Orr

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