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Team Needs: Indianapolis Colts

By NC43Hog | April 10th, 2008

2007 Results: 13-4 AFC South Champions, Lost to San Diego – Divisional Playoffs
2008 Projected Cap Status: $2,588,520 over the cap

2007 Season Recap:

After going 13-3, winning the AFC South and securing home field advantage for their first playoff game, what could go wrong. They lost. The reigning Super Bowl champs had another great year, but could not get past the San Diego Chargers losing 28-24. Coming into that game with a powerful #5 ranked offense and solid #3 ranked defense, the Colts seemed poised to make another run to the Super Bowl, but it was not to be. Getting Marvin Harrison back to full strength in 2008 should have the Colts pushing for another title.

Team Needs:

1. Wide Receiver – With Marvin Harrison out for most of 2007, a lack of depth at this position became apparent. Harrison should return to full form, and with Anthony Gonzalez and Reggie Wayne as the 2 and 3 slots, finding a quality #4 option will help.

2. Running Back – Change of pace runner/receiver to back up Joseph Addai would give the backfield more depth.

3. Defensive End – Need more help/depth in the pass rush. Injuries to Freeney and Mathis exposed this in 2007.

4. Offensive Line – The departure of Jake Scott has created the potential need for a new starter on the right side. If nothing else, it will create more depth.

2008 Draft Picks:

2nd Round – 59th overall
3rd Round – 93rd overall
4th Round – 127th overall
5th Round – 161st overall
6th Round – 196th overall
6th Round – 201st overall (comp.)
6th Round – 202nd overall (comp.)
6th Round – 205th overall (comp.)
7th Round – 236th overall

Free agency status:

LB Rocky Boiman (Eagles)
DL Dan Klecko (Eagles)
OG Ryan Lilja (signed)
WR Aaron Moorehead
G Jake Scott (Titans)
TE Mike Seidman
DE Josh Thomas (signed)

TE Bryan Fletcher
G Dylan Gandy
S Matt Giordano
DT Darrell Reid
TE Ben Utecht (Bengals)

DT Anthony McFarland
LB Rob Morris

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Peek

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