Team Needs: Baltimore Ravens

NFL Draft

2007 Results: 5-11
2008 Projected Cap Status: $3,270,950 under the cap

2007 Season Recap:

Hampered by injuries and an anemic offense, the Baltimore Ravens stumbled to a 5-11 record in 2007, a season that saw the dismissal of long-time head coach Brian Billick. His replacement, John Harbaugh, inherits a team that struggled to score last year, the offense managed only 24 touchdowns, fourth worst in the league. The team was 23rd in passing yards and 28th in passing touchdowns.

Rex Ryan’s defense posted another solid season; the team was dominant against the run, allowing a stingy 2.8 yards per carry, best in the league. The secondary struggled, finishing 20th in passing yards allowed while surrendering 27 passing touchdowns, fourth worst in the league.

The team owns the eighth overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft and was bolstered by four additional compensatory picks, giving the team nine picks, with five in the first five rounds.

Team Needs:

Quarterback – The team has indicated that veteran Steve McNair will be the starter next season but he is clearly not the long-term solution. The team had only 13 passing touchdowns last season and finished 23rd in passing yards. Kyle Boller has not proven he can consistently play well and with a new head coach, it’s a safe bet the team will snag at least one quarterback on draft day.

Cornerback – As noted above, the team struggled against the pass last season, standout Chris McAlister has faced injury issues and Samari Rolle will be entering his 12th season. The team also lacks any real depth at this position.

Defensive end – For a team that has made pressuring the passer its calling card, the Ravens struggled last season, managing only 32 sacks, 19th in the league. Trevor Pryce’s injury exposed a lack of depth at this spot.

2008 Draft Picks:

First round – 8th overall
Second round – 38th overall
Third round – 99th overall (compensatory selection)
Fourth round – 106th overall
Fourth round – 133rd overall (compensatory selection)
Sixth round – 173rd overall
Sixth round – 206th overall (compensatory selection)
Seventh round – 215th overall
Seventh round – 240th overall (compensatory selection)

Free Agency Status:

WR Devard Darling (signed w/Chiefs)
LB Nick Greisen (resigned)
DB B.J. Sams
DB Gerome Sapp
RB Musa Smith

C Jason Brown
RB Justin Green (resigned)
C Matt Katula

RB Mike Anderson
DE Amon Gordon (resigned)
DT Kenny King

DE Terrell Suggs (resigned)

LB Brendon Ayanbadejo
DB Frank Walker

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