Dan Snyder’s Agenda…

Washington Commanders
Go to redskins.com and look to the right at redskins store…

“Pre order” your Jason Taylor jersey.

The guy hasn’t even played one down for the B & G. He too could be bitten by the injury bug, and never play a down. (god I hope not) But you can send Danny your money for his jersey.

I am all for the Taylor trade, don’t get me wrong. But, this is Danny Boy at his best. He is all about the $$$. If you don’t think so, take your family to training camp this week, or even a game this year. It will hit you in the wallet. Hard.

Snyder is the national media’s whipping boy, because he makes himself such an easy target. The guy is a businessman flat out. And, not a good person by any means. Our fans keep throwing money at him, but yet there has not been an on field product worth shaking a stick at since he bought the team. He is NOT a good person. He could give a rats ass about the average fan, as long as they re-new thier season tickets.

Now he wants us to buy Jason Taylor replicas…… the same ones we buy of other players and the numbers are rubbing off after the second wash. God forbid you buy an ‘authentic’ with other players nameplate ripped off….. then replaced with crappy effort….
If i ever do buy another jersey, it WILL NOT be from one of Danny Boy’s stores. Since revenue is ‘shared’, maybe I’ll buy from NFL shop… maybe. The first blog i ever did was on ‘money grubbing’ by the Danny, involving jersey sales…

This is the same guy on “FAN APPRECIATION DAY” who charged fans $25 to park, and didn’t allow the ‘fans’ to bring in any beverages. But, you could conveniently buy bottled water at the concession stand for $5 a pop. No water fountains available. http://www.the-hogs.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=19922

What an ass. Serious short man syndrome there. We pump out our hard earned “pennies” and this billionaire piece of crap continues to grab as many as he can. The american way I guess. Well, He won’t get anymore of my pennies. I could care less to go to Fed Ex and fight the crowds. And I won’t spend another penny that involves the “Redskins” directly. I know that all revenue is shared, but thats the way it will be. Danny WILL NOT get his hands on mine first. Most people now regard him as a ‘progressing’ owner. To me he is still the same piece of crap he always was. People don’t change. Snyder won’t either, as long as he is living in the lap of luxury at the fans expense.

Helping with this site has been a blast to say the least. I have met so many good fans and friends, and been up close and personal at Redskins park. But, it has also allowed me to see how the Skins’ brass operates up close and personal, and realize that I’m glad I have no official connections with Snyder and the Skins. In the scheme of things, if you are kissing Snyders ass, fine and good by the Redskins. If you actually have your own opinion, you are just a pain in the ass of Snyder. But I digress.

Everyone is going to make thier own decisions. Hopefully this blog has made you think twice about yours.

Again, this has nothing to do with the fact that we traded for Taylor. I love the move, It’s just the fact that we are expected to pay right away, (which many, many will) without any shread of evidence that it will be worth it.

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