You Can’t Play, Cause You’re Too Good???

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Picture the commissioner of major league baseball walking up to Bob Gibson in the middle of the 1968 season and telling him that he was too good to pitch in MLB games. That doing so would no longer be allowed. On top of that, picture Gibson taking the mound anyway, and then the commissioner deciding to punish him by disbanding the St. Louis Cardinals and redistributing their entire roster across the rest of the league. Sounds a little rediculous right?

Well that’s exactly what happened to poor Jericho Scott, a 9 year old…yeah, you read that right, he’s 9…pitcher who’s been dominating the Youth Baseball League in New Haven, CT. Scott, who only throws around 40 mph, much slower than the 12 year olds that some kids his age face in other Little Leagues across the country, has been so good that the league has had enough. They told the kid that he couldn’t pitch anymore, and when his coach pitched him anyway, the opposing team packed their bags and left! Then, the president of the league disbanded Scott’s team!

What the hell is that? Because he’s good, he’s not allowed to play? Ridiculous! My son just finished his first season of Tee-Ball. He made the all-star team and got a game ball in the all-star game. He’s got talent. So does Jericho Scott. If my son, in little league or anything else, was told by the league that he couldn’t play because he was too good, I would wreak havoc upon said league.

When did our world become so mamby-pamby? If you put in the work and have the talent to be better at something than most people, then you should be allowed to pursue that. In this world, there will always be someone better at something than you. You’ve got to deal with it, and to me, this is setting a terrible precedent for these children. First, if someone’s better than you, try to tear them down. Secondly, if you don’t succeed in tearing them down, just quit instead of trying to improve yourself by competeing against someone that is better than you.


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