Numbers, Schmumbers

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Numbers.  47-3.  24-3.  71-6.  Sure, they mean something, and right now they don’t look good.  But this game is about more than numbers, which sounds silly to say, since the score has actual numbers in it, numbers which determine the winner and loser.  However, in the preseason, I’ve tried to look past the numbers, and what I see from the Redskins is rather exciting.

So, with gloom and doom lurking around the Redskins as of late, I thought I would brighten your day with a few positive notes:

– I don’t know what they’re putting the Gatorade, but the defense this preseason has been tenacious (apologies to Jack Black), more so this year than in past years, it seems.  They have been hustling, hitting, and always seem to have three or four guys around the ball.  I’m hoping that aggressiveness continues once the games mean something.inflatable pub reviews

– Albus Fincher played like a madman last night.  You have to believe that if the Jags sent his mom off-tackle, he would have leveled her, and the spit on her under the pile.  The guy was jacked up.  Yes, I know that his first name is ‘Alfred’, but Albus sounds so much more like a character from Harry Potter, and is more fun to say.  Personally, I’m rooting for this guy to grab a roster spot.

– Marcus Mason has, this year, really impressed.  It’d be tough to let this guy go, especially if Portis or Betts go down sometime during the year.

– I know he was a draft pick and all, but Justin Tryon was getting beaten like a red-headed step child (apologies to Ethan Albright and any step-children he may have).  I have a hard time seeing this guy making the team.  ‘Hold on’ you say, ‘that’s not a positive’.  Ah, but it is.  You see, Tryon getting cut leaves a roster spot for me to make the team at the last moment as the starting weakside linebacker.  Woo hoo!

– Back to the defense – can anyone run on us?  Wow, over the course of the preseason, and last night especially, the run defense has been stellar.  It appears as if Greg Blache is challenging teams to throw on us.  Unfortunately, it looks like that will probably work out rather well for our opponents.

– The cheerleaders are looking GOOD.  Always a positive.

– For all you Jason Campbell-dislikers out there, I thought he played okay.  I thought he hit his spots fairly well, and was plagued by a couple of drops, plus a lack of involvement by Moss and Randle El.  Personally, I’m not worried (…yet).

– Dan Snyder is now drinking out of plastic red cups, which can mean one of three things: one, he’s saving his money to sign a big-name free agent sometime soon and needs all the pennies he can get from not using actual glass beverage holders, two, he’s already poor after picking up Jason Taylor, and is just trying to balance the checkbook, or three, after a couple of not-so-encouraging performances by the Redskins, he’s taken to drinking Yager straight-up, and doesn’t want the media to know Aqua Run 06 review.

– Next year’s training camp will include a mandatory rookie ‘Get Drunk and Oversleep’ night, because Fred Davis is outplaying Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly in a big way.  Whatever it is that the coaching staff saw in these guys before the draft, I haven’t seen it yet, and I’m standing here with my arms crossed impatiently tapping my foot.

– Colt Brennan is looking like a third year quarterback.  He moves well in the pocket, throws with authority, and even checks down every once in awhile.  Granted he has his moments, but I’m excited about the future of the position.

 Lastly, and I know this has nothing to do with anything, but Al and John, holy crap on the holding call on Collier.  Let it go, really.  First of all, it was good call.  Despite being away from the play side, the defender slid towards the ball carrier, and Collier had a nice big mittful of jersey outside the shoulder.  There it is.  Live with it.

Anyway, as we start this exciting 2008 season, I remind you to try to stay positive.  Worst case scenario, even if the Redskins stumble this year, at least we have the cheerleaders to look at.

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  1. Great to see you in the new blog system joebag. I’m sure I’m not the only Redskin fan looking forward to more great stuff from you this season.

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