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Wallpapers Washington Commanders

Want to make your THN or other favorite Washington Redskins wallpaper a widescreen version?  We are providing a 256 x 768 pixel file that can be added on to any wallpaper using photo editing software.

Here are a few simple instructions to help you accomplish the task:

1) Simply change your canvas size width (not the image size) from 1024 pixels to 1280 pixels.

2) Keep the image justified to either the left or right, you are going to paste the new file into the blank area.  

3) Paste the file into the blank area and make sure that everything lines up.

4) Save your file to a spot on your hard drive where you might keep such files.

5) Install the wallpaper into your system:

a) For Windows users: Right click your desktop and select Properties select the Desktop tab and then select the wallpaper from the menu.

b) For Mac Users:  Open “Desktop Pictures”.  Click remove picture and then click select picture.  Load the new wallpaper from your hard drive and then “position automatically” for wallpaper.

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