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TheHogs.net is proud to announce that after much consideration, we will again be running our free Hognostications Pick ‘Em Pool in 2008. Obviously we will not have any results for week one, but we’re looking forward to getting everyone involved quickly, and starting the 2008 contest in week two.

Just a few quick notes to help everyone out… we have created a separate blog category for Hognostications this year. Over the next few days, I will be integrating some of the pool links and maybe even ultimately abbreviated standings, right into the Hognostications blog section. We will also be posting weekly Hognostications blogs about various things… Hoss will likely be doing weekly blasts about all of the match-ups, we’ll likely have some blogs about the standings, and of course, we’d like to open the blogs up for a little bit of friendly banter among Hognosticators.

In the past, a lot of our interaction has come on the message boards, but this year, we really want to move that interaction to the blogs for several reasons. We can serve up a few extra goodies within the framework of the blog, than we can within the board. We also think that there may be an awful lot more Redskins bloggers out there that might be interested in the pool, than just the members of our community. We hope that we broaden the scope of the pool a bit, and make it that much more difficult to become THN’s Top Hognosticator.

We look forward to another great year of fun, and good luck to all of you!

You can go to the pool section and start making your picks whenever you like.

Game On!!

Hognostications 2008
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