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Due to time restrictions and the amount of data tracking that goes into Hognostications each week, we try to have the cut-off date for picks be 9pm of the Friday evening before the Sunday games.

This year, there are an inordinate amount of games on Thursday nights. So please MAKE SURE that you know this schedule and get your picks in on time. Virtually all weeks that there is a Thursday night game, the game is at 8:15pm and you have until 6pm that day to get your picks in.

Due to the close proximity to the Thursday night game, we may not get an opportunity to post everyone’s picks into the system before the games start on Thursday.

Any picks received AFTER the cut-off point each week WILL NOT be added to the system. That isn’t to be difficult, it’s to make sure that we’re fair to everybody. I understand that people are going to want to make picks on Friday and just take Thursday as a loss, but there’s not much point in having a schedule, if you don’t hold people to it.

So without further ado, here’s the schedule:

  • Week 1:  No picks played
  • Week 2:  Friday, September 12th (9:00 PM)
  • Week 3:  Friday, September 19th (9:00 PM)
  • Week 4:  Friday, September 26th (9:00 PM)
  • Week 5:  Friday, October 3rd (9:00 PM)
  • Week 6:  Friday, October 10th (9:00 PM)
  • Week 7:  Friday, October 17th (9:00 PM)
  • Week 8:  Friday, October 24th (9:00 PM)
  • Week 9:  Friday, October 31st (9:00 PM)
  • Week 10: Thursday, November 6th (6:00 PM)
  • Week 11: Thursday, November 13th (6:00 PM)
  • Week 12: Thursday, November 20th (6:00 PM)
  • Week 13: Thursday, November 27th (12:00 PM)
  • Week 14: Thursday, December 4th (6:00 PM)
  • Week 15: Thursday, December 11th (6:00 PM)
  • Week 16: Thursday, December 18th (6:00 PM)
  • Week 17: Friday December 26th (9:00 PM)

Good luck with your picks!

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