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Lucky Underwear 1, Saints 0

By joebagadonuts | September 15th, 2008

Okay, so I know what happened here.  I wrote about how Durant Brooks did so well last week, taking that shot to the groin and all, he read it, got all cocky, and went out and had a bad week.  My fault.  However, it’s a good thing I was wearing my lucky underwear to help the Redskins pull out the win.  I forgot to wear my lucky underwear last week, and look what happened.  So far, my lucky underwear is 1-0 versus the spread.

And just a quick note to my friends at DirecTV.  I pay you two hundred fifty some-odd dollars for my Sunday Ticket subscription.  I pay you ten some-odd dollars  a month for my HD service.  And now you want me to pay ANOTHER one hundred some-odd dollars to get my Sunday Ticket games in HD with your ‘SuperFan’ offering?!?  Have you gone mad?!?  How many ways can you possibly screw me out of more of my hard-earned some-odd dollars?!?

And now back to our regular programming (which is probably slighty more random than usual, given that I was irrate and distracted for most of the first half, after learning that I could not watch my game in HD)….

I’ll take that as an insult.  What does it say about how little the Saints fear the Redskins offense when they decided to defer their decision to the second half, allowing the Redskins to take the ball first?  The ploy worked well for the Saints, who kicked a field goal before the half, then got the ball to start the third quarter and scored again.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…  I love how CP plays, but I worry about when he makes flying blocks like he did on Moss’ screen early in the first half.  Save some of that for your late twenties, my man.

Nit picky.  I can’t kick a 49-yard field goal.  But I’m also not paid a large sum of money.  Those are the kicks we need Squeeze-um to nail at some point if we want to contend for more than just the ‘Mediocre Team of the Year’ award.

Like a rag doll.  I thought the late hit call on Rogers when he threw the WR out of bounds a load of bull.  And Baldy commenting that Rogers should have known where he was on the field was even worse.  The guy’s foot was 6-inches out-of-bounds a split-second before Carlos tossed him like a garden salad.  Give me a break.

Time keeps on slipping…Is it just me or did the ball seem to roll around on the ground forever on Shockey’s fumble before Horton picked it up?  I must have yelled ‘Ball!  Ball!’ about a thousand times before any Redskin heard me and hustled to scoop it up.

Silent Treatment.  I found it very telling that after both of CP’s touchdowns, Heyer was the only lineman who came over to congratulate him, whereas in the past I’m pretty sure I saw most of the lineman come over to give at least a pat on the head.  I don’t blame them, given his comments earlier in the week, but you do have to give them credit for controlling the line of scrimmage for most of the game.

And now I contradict myself….  Third-and-two in the first half, and an off-tackle run by Betts, with no lead blocker?!?  Very boring, especially with JC’s ability to make something happen.  I was happy, however, to see play-action on a similar situation later in the game.

It’s not rocket science.  I know that color commentating is difficult – perhaps not as difficult as writing witty articles every week – but at least pay attention to the game.  Portis swings outside on a run (or maybe he caught a pass, I wasn’t paying attention), gets tackled in-bounds short of the first down, and the Saints call a timeout with the hope of getting the ball back.  Baldy then chastises them for wasting a timeout when the clock would stop anyway on the incompletion.  Wha? 

Me Next!  I loved the leapfrog of Moss by ARE on Moss’ touchdown, but technically wouldn’t that be excessive celebration? 

Wow.  I don’t think anyone could have predicted how well Chris Horton would play, but all you can say is ‘Wow.’  As a level-headed, logical fan, I will now expect two picks and a fumble recovery from him every week, or else I will boo him loudly.

Statement.  Speaking of wow, fourth-and-two with the game in the balance, and Zorn calls a slant to Moss.  How big of a statement is that by Zorn not only about the confidence he has in his offense, but the confidence he has in JC.  All you JC-haters are in for a long season, because I think Coach Z has just told us what is what.

And the score is Brooks -3, Frost -2.  Yes, Durant Brooks blew the hold on an easy field goal, and if the game were decided by three points or less, he would have been tarred and featherd by the FedEx Field crowd in the parking lot, but before you go saying that we should have kept Mr. Frost, check out the Packers highlights.

Character.  I said last week that we’ll find out the true nature of this team sometime later this year, after the first very difficult five games.  I hope that we just saw a glimpse of the character that this team (and coach) has against the Saints.  After last week’s loss, they find themselves down two scores against a potent offense, and it would have been easy to just lay down and die.  But they battled back, made plays, and pulled it out.  They say that losing builds character, but I say that losing sucks.  I’d rather build character and win.

And now for something completely different…  While I think that Jerry Jones now looks unhuman after his plastic surgery, I jumped in fright when I saw Al Davis in HD on my large screen.  I think that all the droopy skin on his face must be pulling on his brain, because I was appalled during the Raiders highlights to see a player wearing number 81.  I’m no Raiders fan, but is nothing sacred?!?

Looking forward, the Cardinals come to town.  Hey, did you know that Kurt Warner used to stock shelves in a supermarket?  I bet you didn’t know that.

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5 Responses to “Lucky Underwear 1, Saints 0”

  1. Thanks for wearing your lucky underwear.

    I’m really hoping that the underwear can stay lucky, because I’m not looking forward to any type of ‘skid’ imagery.

  2. Nice drivel, JoeBlog. I laughed, I cried… That booing Chris Horton line was a classic!

  3. Totally love the Chris Horton comments as well. Great to see Campbell make his own adjustments within the pocket, instead of relying on his coaching staff or his teammates to bail him out. He has got to handle the pressure or he won’t be a successful starter in this league.

    JC, this is only the beginning. That 4th and 2 slant call by Zorn was a statement I heard loud and clear. Losers play it safe and lose. Winners gamble and win.

    Skins should start Horton, but Zorn is sticking with Doughty. Not so sure why he thinks Doughty is ahead of Horton. He’s been a ball smuggler since the preseason. No gross imagery intended.

    Note to Anquan Boldin enjoy your performance da dolphins, cuz i doubt you get 60 yards against us.

  4. Insert the word against after performance in the last paragraph. Finally coming down from my high. I haven’t cheered in awhile. My apologies. Go Skins!

  5. Great stuff as always JBD. You say a lot of things that we fans think in passing, which gets a lot of laughter when you have it immortalized in blogs. On the Portis thing: I think this will be the story to watch for the next coupla weeks. I still don’t see anything wrong with what he said, but I interpreted this a lot different than most. Looking forward to your blogs all year!