Redskins Haiku’s: Dallas Week

Washington Commanders

If you are unfamiliar with Hiaku’s check out the link in BossHog’s first Haiku blog.

Here’s a few to get us started.

The season is young
The Zornskins are 2 and 1
Get em air cowpukes

Tony Romo’s good
at least when its september
playoffs — not so much

T. O. can make plays
but not if he’s on his butt
Dirty Thirty time.

It is Dallas Week
Time to throw out the records
and watch a slugfest

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10 thoughts on “Redskins Haiku’s: Dallas Week

  1. Number two was great, ‘Playoffs – not so much.’ 🙂

    How about…

    Redskins, Two and One,
    And now Dallas week has come.
    Better be hungry.

    Redskins V Cowboys,
    Biggest rivalry in sports?
    To some it sure is.

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