Randle El’s Option Pass

Washington Commanders

NFL.com has a weekly video feature called ‘anatomy of a play’ where they have a player break down one of the play’s from that week’s games. This week Antwaan Randle El broke down his option pass to Chris Cooley.

Check out the video here.

It’s a very intersting look at the play and seeing the replay repeatedly, it really gives you an idea of how the play is supposed to work (and did work).

As El says in the video, the whole play hinges on the defense biting on the play action that Washington run to the left. Cooley engages a blocker and then releases and comes across on a delayed crossing pattern.

The primary receiver on the play was actually Sanatana Moss, but Asante Samuels stayed with Moss and took away the option; however, Samuels staying with Moss opens up a lane for Cooley underneath. El fires a strike to Cooley coming across and with Samuels cleared out, CC has a pretty clear path to the end zone.

The name of the play?

Green Left Slot – F left – Fake 70 spill – Reverse right pass – X angle, Y cross

Pretty cool feature on NFL.com – check out the video.

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