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By The Numbers: Rams

By Mark Solway | October 14th, 2008

Some weeks, the numbers are a little harder to look at than others, like this week’s from Washington’s 19-17 loss to the St. Louis Rams. The numbers don’t make the loss any easier to swallow, but misery loves company…

368 – Total Net Yards for the Redskins – it could and should have been more than enough to win the game.

200 – Total Net Yards for St. Louis. See above note with the Rams’ statistic taken into account.

129 – Yards rushing for Clinton Portis. Not even the stench of a loss like Sunday’s could undo Portis’ great performance, which also included 2 touchdowns.  He led the league in rushing for the second consecutive week, and moved past Atlanta’s Michael Turner to become the top rusher in the NFL (643 yards).

87 – Yards receiving for Antwaan Randle El. He led all Redskin receivers, and despite a couple of drops, made the most of his 5 catches.

49 – Yard field goal nailed by Josh Brown to put the nail in the coffin. Though it hurt to watch, you have to admire Brown’s ability to convert, given the situation.

32 – Yards rushing for Ladell Betts. It’s significant because they may be the last yards we see from Betts for a little bit, thanks to the knee injury he suffered against the Rams.

26 – Yard punt by Durant Brooks to give the Rams the ball on the Redskins 33-yard line. The Redskins defense kept the Rams from even getting a first down, but they were still able to kick a field goal because they were so close to begin with. It’s a significant statistic because it may be the one that cost Brooks his job – at least for the time being.

23 – Yards receiving for Torry Holt. The stat is worthy of note because it stems from the fact that Carlos Rogers played arguably his best game as a Washington Redskin. Manned up against Holt all game long, Rogers made sure that it wasn’t Holt that beat the Redskins on Sunday. Great job Carlos.

9 – Tackles by rookie sensation Chris Horton. He led the defense in tackles and played easily his best game as a Redskin to date. He was everywhere, and Sunday’s best defensive player, despite Rogers’ aforementioned performance.

3 – Turnovers by the Redskins offense. Though there are a lot of other numbers in this piece, none are more significant, or more responsible for the loss, than this one.

2 – Receptions for Santana Moss. The first completion came on just the second play of the game; he caught another pass in the first quarter, and then nothing for the rest of the game. The Redskins offense has to include a lot more than a couple of passes to Moss; especially against a banged up secondary like the Rams had.

1 – Reception by Pete Kendall. Unfortunately, his subsequent fumble resulted in O.J. Atogwe’s 75-yard fumble return for a touchdown. Kendall manned up and accepted the lion’s share of the blame for the loss, but no one play decides a game. It doesn’t change my impression that he is arguably the best player on the offensive line since coming to Washington, and worthy of Pro Bowl recognition.

0 – Offensive touchdowns for the St. Louis Rams. The Redskins’ defense limited the Rams to just 12 points on four field goals.

The Cleveland Browns are next; and after their stunning 35-14 win over the New York Giants on Monday night, they’ll be coming to FedEx Field full of confidence.

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