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Hognostications Week 7

By Hoss | October 18th, 2008

Wow, what happened last week? After failing to post this blog last week I ended up with a 6-8 record and the Skins lost. The only other time the Skins lost was week 1 when this blog wasn’t posted, because the hognostications weren’t up and running yet. So I’ve concluded that when I do not post my weekly hognostication thread the Skins lose.  Sorry, it won’t happen again.

Congrats go out to joebagadonuts, TeeterSalad, and Thundersoth for winning last week with a 9-5 record.  There were 12 hognosticaters with the same record.  We have seen a shake up in the standings for the season and it goes to show that this is anyone’s to win. 

My week 7 picks:


San Diego at Buffalo: The Chargers (3-3) travel to Buffalo (4-1).  The Bills are coming off their bye and had previously lost to the Cardinals.  I’ll go with the Bills who are eager to get back into the win column.  Pick Bills 

New Orleans at Carolina: The Saints (3-3) travel to Carolina (4-2).  This will be a great divisional game with 1/2 a game separating the first and last team.  The Panthers are undefeated at home.  Pick Panthers

Minnesota at Chicago: The Vikings (3-3) travel to Chicago (3-3).  This will be another a tough divisional game.  The Vikes are riding a 2 game win streak and the Bears lost last week to the Falcons.  I’m going with the home team.  Pick Bears.

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati: The Steelers (4-1) travel to Cincinnati (0-6).  Though this is yet another divisional game, I don’t think the Bengals start to win this week.  Pick Steelers

Tennessee at Kansas City: The Titans (5-0) travel to Kansas City (1-4).  Titans will remain undefeated.  Pick Titans

Baltimore at Miami: The Ravens (2-3) travel to Miami (2-3).  After starting strong, Baltimore has lost 3 straight.  Look for a 4th.  Pick Dolphins

San Francisco at NY Giants: The 49ers (2-4) travel to the NY Giants (4-1).  The Giants come off a loss to the Browns last Monday night.  Look for them to get a win this week.  Pick Giants

Dallas at St. Louis: The Cowboys (4-2) travel to St. Louis (1-4).  The Rams got their 1st win last week against the Redskins. Though Dallas is having personnel issues, I look for them to win.  Pick Cowboys 

Detroit at Houston: The Lions (0-5) travel to Houston (1-4).  Who wins?  Who cares.  Go with the home team.  Pick Texans

Indianapolis at Green Bay: The Colts (3-2) travel to Green Bay (3-3).  The Colts seem to have turned the corner.  The Packers are up and down still.  This could go either way, but I am leaning towards the Colts.  Pick Colts 

NY Jets at Oakland:  The Jets (3-2) travel to Oakland (1-4).  The Jets should get an easy win.  Pick Jets

Cleveland at Washington: The Browns (2-3) travel to Washington (4-2).  The Browns were impressive last Monday night in defeating the Giants.  The Redskins suffered with a loss to the Rams last week.  The Redskins will not lose 2 in a row at home this year.  Pick Redskins

Seattle at Tampa Bay: The Seahawks (1-4) travel to Tampa Bay (4-2).  The Bucs have defeated some impressive teams so far.  They should handle the Hawks.  Pick Bucs

Denver at New England: The Broncos (4-2) travel to New England (3-2).  Both teams are coming off losses.  This is a tough game to hognosticate but my gut tells me to take Denver.  Pick Broncos

Last week: 6-8       42.9%

Season:     45-27   62.5%

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