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Congrats to BigRedskinDaddy for winning week 7 with an impressive 11-3 record.  Many great results last week and this thing is still very much any one’s game.  For the season Floyd and BigRedskinDaddy are tied in first place at 61-25.  Only 5 wins separate first and tenth place.

Many close games lately and on any given Sunday any team in the NFL can win….just wish I had better luck picking the winners.  I am sure this week the tide will turn. 

My week 8 picks:

Oakland at Baltimore: The Raiders (2-4) travel to Baltimore (3-3).  The Raiders come off an impressive win against the Jets last week and the only other team they have beaten are the lowly Chiefs.  The Ravens won last week against the Dolphins.  The Ravens has the league’s 26th offense, but have the 2nd ranked defense.  Ravens should win easily.  Pick Ravens 

Arizona at Carolina: The Cardinals (4-2) travel to Carolina (5-2) in which should be an exciting game.  Both teams are playing well.  The Panthers are undefeated at home and the Cards are 1-2 on the road.  Going to go with home team on this one.  Pick Panthers

Tampa Bay at Dallas:  The Bucs (5-2) travel to Dallas (4-3).  The Bucs have won 2 straight against the Cowboys’ 2 losses in a row.  Dallas is falling apart and they will face one of the toughest defenses in the league.  Look for the Boys to lose another.  Pick Bucs 

Washington at Detroit:  The Redskins (5-2) travel to Detroit (0-6).  The Redskins won a close game last week defeating the Browns 14-11.  The Lions have the league’s 27th ranked offense and are dead last in defense.  The Skins have the 7th ranked offense and the 6th overall defense.  Look for a blow out.  Pick WASHINGTON REDSKINS 

Buffalo at Miami:  The Bills (5-1) travel to Miami (2-4).  The Dolphins are 1-2 at home and still haven’t found their groove.  The Bills should win handily.  Pick Bills

St. Louis at New England: The Rams (2-4) travel to New England (4-2).  The Rams have won 2 in a row against the Skins and Dallas.  Very impressive.  The Patriots defeated a tough Denver team last Monday night 41-7.  I look for them to end the Rams winning streak.  Pick Pats

San Diego vs. New Orleans:  The Chargers (3-4) travel to London vs. New Orleans (3-4) .  One of these teams need to start winning consistently.  Could easily go either way.  I am sure this pick will separate a bunch of hognosticaters.  Coin flip goes to the Saints.  Pick Chargers  

Kansas City at NY Jets:  The Chiefs (1-5) travel to NY Jets (3-3).  The Chiefs are just miserable this year.  Pick Jets

Atlanta at Philadelphia:  The Falcons (4-2) travel to the Stink (3-3) who, incidentally, are still in last place in the NFC East.  The Falcons have been impressive this year and have won 2 straight.  Atlanta has the league’s 9th ranked offense but they have the 25th ranked defense.  Philthy has the 10th ranked offense and the 7th ranked defense.  I’m going with the Eagles where they will trade positions with the Cowboys in the NFC East standings.  Pick Philthy

Cleveland at Jacksonville:  The Browns (2-4) travel to Jacksonville (3-3).  The Browns are 1-2 on the road and the Jags are 1-2 at home.  I think the Jags are a much better team than the Browns.  Pick Jags

Cincinnati at Houston:  The Bengals (0-7) travel to Houston (2-4) in the make up game from week 2.  Really….who cares?  Pick Bengals

NY Giants at Pittsburgh:  The Giants (5-1) travel to Pittsburgh (5-1) in which could be one of the most exciting games of the week.  NY has the 2nd ranked offense and the 4th ranked defense.  The Steelers have the league’s 25th ranked offense but the #1 defense.  Pittsburgh’s offense has improved lately but will it be enough to defeat the defending champs?  After this week the Redskins will be in first all by themselves. Pick Steelers 

Seattle at San Francisco:  The Seahawks (1-5) travel to San Fran (2-5).  This game could go either way but I see the birds limping home.  Pick 49ers 

Indianapolis at Tennessee:  The Colts (3-3) travel to Tennessee (6-0).  The Colts have struggled and are ranked 20th in offense and 16th in defense.  The Titans are on fire and rank 21st in offense and 3rd in defense.  None of the teams that the Titans have beaten have winning records as of week 8.  This will be my upset of the week.  Pick Colts

Bye: Bears, Broncos, Packers, Vikings

Last week: 9-5

Season:     54-32

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