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 Welcome to my week 11 picks.  I’d like to congratulate my fellow hognosticators with another strong week.  These picks will only get harder to make and very difficult to gain ground so good luck to you all.

My week 11 picks are:  

NY Jets @ New England:  Pick Patriots

Denver @ Atlanta:  The Broncos(5-4) travel to Atlanta(6-3).  The Broncos have the league’s 2nd best offense but are ranked 29th in defense.  The Falcons have the 6th ranked offense and the 23rd defense.  Atlanta is 4-0 at home and are 4-1 in the last five games.  Pick Falcons

Minnesota @ Tampa Bay:  The Vikings(5-4) travel to Tampa Bay(6-3).  The Vikes are ranked 14th in offense and 6th in defense.  The Bucs are 8th and 7th respectively.  The Vikings won a close game last week against the Packers, but the Bucs are tough at home going undefeated so far.  Pick Bucs

Baltimore @ NY Giants:  The Ravens(6-3) travel to NY Giants(8-1).  This should be a great match-up.  Both teams are playing solid ball and are in the league’s top 3 defenses.  The Ravens are the league’s 17th ranked offense and the Giants are ranked number 4.  This could go either way.  Pick Giants

Detroit @ Carolina:  The Lions(0-9) travel to Carolina(7-2).  I believe the Lions will not go winless this season, but it won’t happen this game.  Pick Panthers

Philadelphia @ Cincinnati:  The Eagles(5-4) travel to Cincinnati(1-8).  The Eagles will no longer be in last place in the NFC East after this game….(a little foreshadowing)  Pick Eagles

Chicago @ Green Bay:  The Bears(5-4) travel to Green Bay(4-5).  Both teams come off of a loss and are hoping to get into the playoffs.  Their only chance to go would be to win their division, so this game is critical for both teams.  Another game that could go either way.  Pick Packers 

Oakland @ Miami:  The Raiders(2-7) travel to Miami(5-4).  Oakland has lost 3 straight and Miami has won 3 straight.  They’ll keep the trend going.  Pick Dolphins

New Orleans @ Kansas City:  The Saints(4-5) travel to Kansas City(1-8).  Look for the Saints to get their first road win of the season.  Pick Saints

Houston @ Indianapolis:  The Texans(3-6) travel to Indianapolis(5-4).  Despite their record, the Texans have the 5th ranked offense and the Colts are currently 23rd.  Sometimes stats don’t mean anything.  Pick Colts

St. Louis @ San Francisco:  The Rams(2-7) travel to San Francisco(2-7).  After starting 2-1 the 49ers have lost 6 straight.  They are ranked 21st in offense and 22nd in defense.  The Rams are 31st in offense and 30th in defense.  I look for Big Mike to get his first coaching win this Sunday.  Pick 49ers

Arizona @ Seattle:  The Cardinals(6-3) travel to Seattle(2-7).  Seattle sucks.  Pick Cardinals 

Tennessee @ Jacksonville:  The Titans(9-0) travel to Jacksonville(4-5).  This is the second match-up this season with the Titans beating the Jags 17-10 on opening day.  The Jags have played some good games this year but have also played poorly.  The Titans are a good team but they are not the best team.   This week’s upset…..  Pick Jaguars 

San Diego @ Pittsburgh:  The Chargers(4-5) travel to Pittsburgh(6-3).  The Charges are coming off a win and the Steelers are coming off a loss.  The Chargers are 10th on offense and 26th on defense.  Pittsburgh still holds on to the top spot in defense but are a lowly 26th in offense.  If this year has shown anything it’s that defenses win games.  Pick Steelers

Dallas @ Washington:  The Cowboys(5-4) travel to Washington(6-3).  Both teams are coming off the bye.  The Cowboys are healthier with the return of Romo, but the Skins are not as fortunate with the probability of Portis not playing.  The Skins defeated the Boys in week four 26-24.  The Pukes have the league’s 13th rated offense and the 10th rated defense.  The Skins are 11th in offense and 4th in defense.  Campbell needs to open up the offense and the defense will win this game for us.  Pick WASHINGTON REDSKINS

Cleveland @ Buffalo:  The Browns(3-6) travel to Buffalo(5-4) for the Monday night game.  Both teams are playing well and have won 2 and 3 straight games respectively.  Go with the home team.  Pick Bills….46 total points

Byes: none

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