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For the second game in a row, the Redskins lost a very important home contest, this time to the division rival Dallas Cowboys.

After starting the season 4-1, the Redskins have lost three of five with all of those loses coming at home. For the second week in a row, chants of “Defense! Defense!” echoed down from the stands while the Redskins offense was on the field, with opposing defensive players waving their arms and encouraging their fans. The home field advantage appears to have vanished.

“It sure did happen again. What in the world is going on? It’s unfortunate that we are (just under) .500 in our last (43) home games. Like I said, winning is no easy task. We have to play better period; away and at home,” Redskins defensive end Andre Carter said.

“The only thing that has been a struggle is winning at home. How and why? I can’t explain. Winning in the NFL is not the easiest thing in the world. You have to earn everything. We have to believe in ourselves and finish.”

Against Dallas, the offense started off strong on their first drive but was unable to score a touchdown throughout the rest of the game. Failing to capitalize and score after entering enemy territory has been a theme for the offense this season.

“I can’t really speak on the offense. They did all they could do. As a defense, especially in the last six minutes of the fourth quarter, we didn’t come through to allow our offense another chance to score,” Carter said.

After dominating Dallas’ offensive line in the team’s first matchup this season, the defense failed to get to Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo on Sunday night.

“You have to understand. The majority of the game, Dallas’ offense was max protecting, giving Romo an opportunity to throw the ball. Now that’s not excuse. We have to get there. If they have seven in the box, we bring 6 or maybe 5. Rushing against max protection is the hardest thing you can do as a pass rusher. I can say that when we watch film, my teammates are hungry and find a way to make a play. That’s all we can ask for each other. We play smart Redskin defense,” said Carter, who had two tackles against the Cowboys.

With the disappointing loss behind them, the team is looking forward to facing the struggling Seattle Seahawks, who have knocked the Redskins out of the playoffs two of the previous three seasons.

The Redskins are hoping to capitalize on an underachieving Seattle team to keep their playoff hopes alive. If the Redskins lose this weekend, their playoff hopes will start to slip quicker than expected.

So how important is this game?

“Every game is important. Especially when you play a team in the NFC. It can make you or break you when trying to reach your goals to becoming a playoff contender,” Carter said.

The Seahawks, who are used to winning the NFC West on an annual basis, are currently sitting in the division basement at 2-8.

“Honestly, the Seahawks are still a good team. Do not let the record fool you. They have been very unfortunate with their starters being hurt. Even though they have not been successful pertaining to their record, they know how to move the ball very effectively and their quarterback knows how to control the tempo of his offense,” Carter said.

This Sunday will mark the return of Redskins head Coach Jim Zorn to Seattle, where he mentored Seahawks quarterbacks for the last seven seasons. Has this changed Coach Zorn’s approach to this week’s practice? Not according to Carter.

“This game is about two teams, going head to head and playing good football. May the best team win. Coach Zorn has been a professional and showed no indication that this game was about him. That’s not his personality and never will be. This game is about the Redskins,” Carter said.

Under the Helmet:

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