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Congrats to RiC for winning last week’s hognostications with a record of 11-5.  It’s starting to get very crowded at the top and it’s still anyone’s to win.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we have the true experts here in hognostication land.  After 116 games we have several with a 68% record or better.  Good stuffs right der!

For this week’s picks, I listened more to my gut so there are several surprising picks.  My Week 12 picks are:

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh:  Pick Steelers

Houston @ Cleveland:  The Texans(3-7) travel to Cleveland(4-6).  Coin flip.  Pick Browns  

Tampa Bay @ Detroit:  The Bucs(7-3) travel to Detroit(0-10).  The Bucs are playing for a play-off spot.  The Lions are playing for the first pick in next year’s draft.  Pick Bucs

Chicago @ St. Louis:  The Bears(5-5) travel to St. Louis(2-8).  The Bears are tied in first place in their division along with the Packers and Vikings.  Except for a two week span this year, the Rams have played poorly.  Pick Bears

NY Jets @ Tennessee:  The Jets(7-3) travel to Tennessee(10-0).  Farve and Co. proved last week that they are contenders.  The Titans started slowly last week, but managed to keep their streak alive.  The Jets are ranked 12th in offense and 15th in defense.  The Titans are 20th in offense and 6th in defense.  This should be a great game to watch and will be a big test for either team.  Pick Jets   

Philadelphia @ Baltimore:  The Eagles(5-4-1) travel to Baltimore(6-4).  The Eagles are only as good as Westbrook and it looks like he is still questionable.  Pick Ravens

Minnesota @ Jacksonville:  The Vikings(5-5) travel to Jacksonville(4-6).  I really can’t find any reason to think the Jags will win.  Pick Vikings

New England @ Miami:  The Patriots(6-4) travel to Miami(6-4).  The Dolphins are on a roll winning 4 straight.  They also beat the Patriots in their first meeting this year 38-13.  The Patriots are ranked 10th in offense and 12th in defense.  The Dolphins are 8th in offense and 14th in defense.  Coin flip.  Pick Patriots

Buffalo @ Kansas City:  The Bills(5-5) travel to Kansas City(1-9).  After a strong start, the Bills have been free-falling losing 4 straight.  The Chiefs, fortunately for the Bills, are worse.  Pick Bills

San Francisco @ Dallas:  The 49ers(3-9) travel to Dallas(6-4).  The 49ers got their first win last week for Coach Singletary by dominating the Rams 36-16.  Dallas and the officiating beat the Redskins last week 14-10.  This week Dallas should be able to win on their own.  Pick Girls

Oakland @ Denver:  The Raiders(2-8) travel to Denver(6-4).  The Raiders are terrible.  Pick Broncos 

NY Giants @ Arizona:  The Giants(9-1) travel to Arizona(7-3).  The Giants begin the toughest stretch in their schedule.  After this week they play the Redskins, Eagles, Dallas, Panthers and the Vikings.  The Cardinals sit at the top of their division by a comfortable margin.  The Giants have the 4th rated offense and the 2nd best defense.  The Cardinals are ranked 2nd in offense and 11th in defense.  The Cardinals are undefeated at home.  Should be another good game.  Pick Cardinals

Carolina @ Atlanta:  The Panthers(8-2) travel to Atlanta(6-4).  The Panthers defeated the Falcons earlier in the season 24-9.  The Panthers are ranked 18th in offense and 8th in defense.  The Falcons are 7th in offense and 23rd in defense.  Pick Panthers

Washington @ Seattle:  The Redskins(6-4) travel to Seattle(2-8).  The Redskins have the 4th ranked defense and the offense has dropped to 13th.  The Seahawks are 31st in offense and 28th in defense.  This will be the blow out game the Skins have been waiting for all season.  Seattle SUCKS.  Pick WASHINGTON REDSKINS

Indianapolis @ San Diego:  The Colts(6-4) travel to San Diego(4-6).  The Colts have won 3 straight and seem to be headed in the right direction.  The Chargers are struggling and need to start winning if they want to go to the playoffs.  They will start this week.  Pick Chargers 

Green Bay @ New Orleans:  The Packers(5-5) travel to New Orleans(5-5).  This is a tough game to decide because I don’t think their records reflect their ability.  Both teams have been inconsistent this year, but I gotta go with the home team.  Pick Saints  (56 total points)

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