‘A win is a win’

Washington Commanders

If you haven’t heard it enough already, it’s a phrase that you’ll continue to hear up until the game against the Giants this coming Sunday.  On the surface, it’s true.  Sunday’s game against the Seahawks netted another point in the win column for the Redskins.  But it goes a bit deeper than that. 

You can characterize the Seahawks in any manner you please.  They could be a tough team that hung in there and played above their 2-8 record, and it took all of the Redskins’ efforts and talents to beat them back while on the road.  Or they’re a sad excuse of a team, and the clumsy performance by the Redskins almost cost them what should have been an easy win against a team that deserves its 2-8 record. 

I saw what you probably saw – a Redskins team that can’t seem to finish drives or protect the quarterback.  A team that gives up frustrating points in the closing minutes of the half.  A team that seems to lack confidence.  A team that, right now, is not playing well enough to get into the playoffs.  Assuming that we beat Cincinnati, San Francisco and a struggling Eagle team – teams with a combined record of 12-22-1 – that still leaves us at 10 wins, which may not be enough to get a wild-card spot.  We’ll need to either beat the Giants this weekend, or Baltimore next weekend. 

And in order to do that the Redskins will need to step up and win a game where  win is not just a win, but it’s a BIG win.

Memo to the Seahawks uniform dudes:  The bright green hats the players were wearing on the sidelines?  All kinds of ugly.  Like, 80’s ugly.

Matt Hasselwhiner.  I know the guy is a competitor, but he whines like my four-year old after every play.  He’s got to be in the top five of all-time whiny quarterbacks.  At one point, he whined to the head ref, who had this sly smile on his face as if to say ‘Oh, you agan.’

Hello, my old friend.   It was great to see Shawn Springs out there again, and it seemed like the secondary played with a renewed swagger. inflatable jumping castle

Speaking of which…  I complained last week how there was a lack of corner blitzes, and it seems that the return of Springs means a return of just that.  Even Rogers had a couple of turns rushing the passer.

Where’s my red flag?  It was difficult to tell without a replay, but I swear that a Redskins’ punt in the first quarter hit a Seahawk on the back of the leg, and was then recovered by the Redskins.

I bet he doesn’t use Old Spice Swagger…  Either Jason Campbell needs a jersey that fits better, or he needs to find a less itchy deodorant.  He was pulling and tugging at the jersey below his throwing arm all day.

I’m buying what he’s sellering.  Mike Sellers getting more involved in the offense can only be a good thing.  When he gets his shoulders square to the direction he’s heading, he’s tough to take down – just ask Brian Dawkins.

Balls deep.  Also nice to see a few more deep throws this week.  As long as JC makes smart decisions (i.e not throwing deep into double coverage), then it’ll only help open up the offense a bit more, and maybe give Moss a bit more room on those slants.

*……..  Anyone else hold their breath when JC jumped over the line on a keeper to get the first down early in the second quarter?  I know I did.

Sloppy McTuckyourshirtin.  As a Pee Wee football coach, I feel like I’m constantly telling my kids to tuck their shirts in.  However, as long as Portis grabs on to his shirt tail to help follow his blocks, Mike Sellers is allowed to keep his shirt untucked.

Let me just say…  that whatever Josh Wilson did to inspire a left hook from Santana Moss, I’m sure he deserved it. 

Unsung beast.   Lorenzo Alexander quietly had a great game.  He hustled to help stuff the run, knocked a guy’s helmet off on a special teams tackle, and forced some great pressure on Hasselbeck, forcing him to step up into a critical sack in the fourth quarter.

Hail Mary, full of Moss.    Curiously, the hail mary at the end of the first half used a four receiver set – Thrash, Randle El, Cooley and Thomas – no Moss, the guy who has probably the best traffic hands of anyone on the team.

LL loves MH.    Landry now has three career interceptions – all off of Hasselbeck.

Not-so-special teams.  Special teams had a very off day.  Allowing long gains on kickoff returns, poor punting, and a missed field goal.

Ugly Slide of the Week Award Goes to…  Jason Campbell (it was unanimous).

To be honest, I’m not looking forward to next week – and it has nothing to do with facing the 10-1 Giants.  They are obviously the better team, and I’d be happy with a close game and a better showing by the offense.  Should the Redskins lose, and it seems like the Cowboys will beat Seattle, it’ll (temporarily) put them ahead of us in the standings, and sure, the inevitable ‘Dallas is awesome’ sentiment that will abound (until they lose the next three straight) will irritate me, but it isn’t why I’m dreading next Sunday.

I had successfully buried the sadness surrounding Sean Taylor’s death, and while his importance as a father, partner, friend and son is obviously paramount, I have difficulty watching any highlight video without thinking about what an absolute dominant secondary the Redskins would have if ST were still roaming around back there.  The man was a game changer, and you can’t easily replace that.  Thinking about what could have been isn’t something I enjoy or handle well, and so while I hope that the pre-game ceremonies inspire the Redskins on a day that they will certainly need all the inspiration they can get, I’m not looking forward to again facing the emotion that I had worked so hard to forget.

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  1. More great stuff as usual Joe!

    You’re absolutely right about Taylor. It’s going to be hard to deal with that. I went to the Bills game after he died and for us to lose that game just felt like insult to injury.

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