Hognostications Week 15

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 They can hold me down, but they can’t keep me down.  I am back with my weekly Hognostication Blog and thus so are the Skins!!!!!!  Can you say play offs???? 

Jeremy Royce was our winner last week with a score of 12-4.  He’s lucky that I didn’t post this blog last week because if I did he would have lost……ahem.  Please direct all questions to RiC for clarification. 

The race is tightening between 2nd and 5th place.  It’s coming down to the wire and we will soon crown our champion.  Good luck and here are my week 15 picks:

New Orleans @ Chicago:  Pick Bears

Tennessee @ Houston:  The Texans have won 3 straight and are 4-2 at home.  The Titans are looking to clinch home field advantage.  Pick Titans

Washington @ Cincinnati:  The Redskins are looking to win their 1st game in 3 weeks.  With a win the Redskins keep their thin playoff hopes alive.  Pick WASHINGTON REDSKINS

Detroit @ Indianapolis:  The Colts have won 6 straight and they control their playoff destiny.  The Lions are terrible and will go winless.  Pick Colts

Seattle @ St. Louis:  Who cares.  Pick Rams

Green Bay @ Jacksonville:  I said a few weeks ago that I will no longer pick the Jags.  Burn me once, shame on you….burn me 4 times, well….Pick Packers

Buffalo @ NY Jets: The Bills have had a disappointing season after thinking they would be playoff contenders.  The Jets are contenders, but will the Bills be spoilers?  Don’t think so.  Pick Jets 

San Francisco @ Miami:  I don’t know what it is about the Dolphins, but they just haven’t convinced me yet that they are as good as their record.  They’ve done well so far, but they must keep winning to get a playoff spot.  Pick Dolphins

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta:  These games are what make football so exciting.  Two teams in the same division needing to win to get to the playoffs.  I’d say both teams are equally matched.  Tough offense against a tough defense.  Toss up.  Going with my gut.  Pick Falcons 

San Diego @ Kansas City:  Really, who cares?  Pick Chargers 

Minnesota @ Arizona:  The Cardinals are in the playoffs and the Vikings must win out to get in.  I think the Cardinals are a better team.  Hopefully they don’t let up.  Pick Cardinals

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore:  Should be another good game.  Pittsburgh win and they clinch the division.  I think the Steelers D will be too much for the Ravens offense.  Pick Steelers

Denver @ Carolina:  Denver has been playing better lately, but I don’t think they can match up to Carolina.  Pick Panthers

New England @ Oakland:  Pick Patriots

NY Giants @ Dallas:  Should be a classic NFC East game.  I do not believe the Giants will lose 2 in a row and Dallas is imploding.  Pick Giants

Cleveland @ Philadelphia:  If they play the way they did last week this should be an easy game for the Eagles.  Pick Eagles  46 total points

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