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For those that would like to read more about Reed Doughty, I added a few questions and quotes from my interview with him that weren’t included in the article. I also added links to article what Reed has been up to lately.

THN: How has he (Albert Haynesworth) fit in with the team so far?

Reed: To be honest I haven’t talked to him on a personal level. We exchanged pleasantries and he is always around and working hard so it is great to see that.

THN: How does it feel to be back?

Reed: Feels like home. [I’m] excited to be back with the team.

THN: How would you grade the team’s off-season so far?

Reed: Very solid. We signed marquee players like Haynesworth and D-Hall but we also brought back some guys that can be role players and really help this team win a championship.

THN: What is your opinion in regards to the rules changes that were just made that deal with player safety?

Reed: As a defensive player it is really hard. I understand player safety but we are just out their doing our jobs and not trying to let the offense score. You can’t think about getting off the ground before sacking the QB or not using your forearm against a players head. It happens so fast. I think as long as you don’t spear somenone or go crown of helmet to helmet you are not being dirty. We don’t intentionally hurt anyone so it is difficult getting fined for things we feel we are paid to do. You can’t be “careful” or you’ll be out of a job.

Doughty, Cooley to be local celebrity judges at DC101’s annual Chili Cook-Off

Doughty Named Honorary Chairman of Kidney Walk on April 19th

Doughty, while battling a hearing deficiancy, also graced the cover of Hearing Loss Magazine last year.

PDF file of Doughty’s article

Hearing Loss Magazine’s Blog that displays the cover and the photo shoot

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