Is this for Real?

Washington Commanders

It’s time. I’ve spent the season so far celebrating my cynicism… I mean, really, what else could I do… I’m a Redskins fan, who was in his prime during the glory seasons. I know what it is to immerse onself in a sea of victories… Yet, I have now lived through multible seasons of virtual mediocrity. I have sympathy for all those latter day fans, who have known only mediocrity. How findviagrapills sad for you all… You deserve better. So, the question is, was yesterday’s win a hint of things to come? Or just another tease?

This week, time for some good stuff. Sunday’s game was a testament to the team concept. It was a showcase of defensive talent. It was a demonstration of what Jason Campbell can do as a manager of the game plan. They have not simply rolled over, they have not quit, as we all anticipated earlier in the year.

Yesterday was the game that we should have seen against Detroit, Kansas City, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, and Carolina. These are teams that we should have defeated easily. Some were narrow victories… but even those were the symptoms of a team that did not know how to put away a team that should have been an easy win.

For those who love a defensive show case, there was Brian O-RAK-PO (for play by play announcers, who have trouble with hooked on phonics). Brian has made a strong case for Defensive Rookie of the Year, and yesterday added a powerful exclamation point, with 4 sacks, and a forced fumble. Enjoy this… Pay close attention to how he uses the picks and feints of other players to set himself free, for a straight shot at the QB… Some of these moves are brilliant. Orakpo is reminding us older fans of Dexter and Charles… delightful to Redskins fans… but frightening to their opponents… Young fans… I have a feeling that you are in for a treat.

Offense? Plenty. Brian Davis becomes a force to be recconned with. Cast off running back comes home to the bay area, and truly shows off. New kicker makes a case for himself. Creative playcalling keeps the Raiders defense off balance all game. The gameplan was skillfully crafted, and, once the offense settled, was well executed.

Thank you, Washington Redskins. The game was a treat.

It would be easy to get wrapped up in this game… finally, a blow out. Finally, the Offense, Defense and Special Teams play, basically, a whole game. Yeah, the start was a tad rough, but you never got the sense that things were going to fall apart…

The game was a pleasure to watch, yes.

Let’s not forget, though… there are flaws in this organization. They must be addressed… else, this team will continue to frustrate through inconsistency. Fine football performances, such as yesterday, even such as that at New Orleans, will be countered by maddening disasters such as the losses to Detroit and KC and narrow victories over St Louis and Tampa…

This team continues to scream for a true football mind at the helm… Snyder and Cerrato are not it. I fear, however, that the recent improvement in play quality will further prevent Snyder from making the decisions that must be made in order for this team to become the championship contender that we would all love to see.

We are seeing hints that the Management is in love with the thought of a quarterback in the draft. My hopeful mind says, this is just a ploy to begin the game… my realistic mind says they need to be focusing on O line. My cynical mind says “wasted high pick, coming up…”.

I had said that I would not give in to my cynical instincts… I haven’t. The pathetic state of the Redskins front office just is. It’s not cynical to say this… it is simply a statement of truth.

Great game…

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3 thoughts on “Is this for Real?

  1. If there is an organization with more flaws than the Redskins, it is certainly the Oakland Raiders.

    This team has had some hard fought losses here recently, so it was nice to see them firmly in the driver’s seat in this game. By the fourth Quarter I was looking forward to each squad coming on. Okay, Jason, get us another touchdown. Okay Orakpo get the sack record.

    Gradkowski getting knocked out in the first half certainly helped. Anyone that wants to call Campbell a bust at QB should first compare him to Jamarcus Russell to see what a real “bust” looks like.

    As far as I’m concerned, the game was a tease. Let’s see how they do Monday night versus the Giants. New Orleans barely escaped with a win, so it’s not all that unlikely that the Redskins might actually pull off a Monday night upset over Eli and his pals.

    Eli ain’t Brees, and the Giants’ D ain’t what it used to be. The Giants will be fighting for their playoff lives, so a Redskins’ victory here will tell us a lot more than the victory in Oakland.

    1. MHWAHHH… How’d that get in there… #34 Brian Davis, CB, Nebraska… played from 1987 through 1990 with the Redskins, then traveled a bit for another 4 years… Wasted pick, really…

      Bad time for a flashback!

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