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– A lot has been made about the skins wanting to possibly trade up and acquire Mark Sanchez. Is it smart for a team to burn draft picks and pay a hefty sum for a guy with limited collegiate experience? Probably not. Will the Skins do it? I wouldn’t put it past them.

-The way the draft will shake out, the Skins should be looking at one of four players at pick 13, should they stay there. Penn State DE  Aaron Maybin, Ole Miss OT Michael Oher, Tennessee DE Robert Ayers, and USC OLB Brian Cushing should go around that time and address Redskin need areas. Maybin has an explosive first step, but has bad timed speed and may be undersized to play DE in the NFL. Oher is very athletic for an OT, but lacks consistency. Ayers is a versatile defensive-end who lacks elite athleticism. Cushing is an instinctive and powerful OLB, but has questionable straight-line speed.

– Who do I want the Redskins to draft? Oher or Cushing. I don’t view Maybin or Ayers as complete DE’s. Oher has the legs to set in pass protection and drive in the run game. He also uses his arms well, although he has mediocre upper body strength for the position. That can always be worked on. Cushing will be an ideal 4-3 OLB. He will fill with good quickness and power in the run game, and may provide a spark off the edge rushing the passer. He shouldn’t have that many issues in coverage with the agility he showed at USC and at the combine.

– Look for the Redskins to address positions of need in the middle rounds that they didn’t address in the first. In the later rounds, it would not kill them to consider a kicker, as that has been a fly in the ointment here for a long time. Yes, they have two players competing for the job, but neither are any good. After striking out with Durant Brooks last year, I don’t think they’ll go after a punter.

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