Slop From The Trough 06-12-09

Washington Commanders

This is a new blog I’ll plan to do at least weekly starting with training camp. For now, at least, it will just be something along the lines of a Redskins notebook. I’ll be going to the internet trough and posting some of the slop that I come across that seems relevant. Feel free to comment to let me know if I’ve missed something or you have ideas for improvement.

For now, let’s get started with LaRon Landry, Jason Campbell, two signings and James Thrash:

Landry Lands in Ashburn

The much over-hyped absence of LaRon Landry for voluntary OTAs has come to an end. While some fans were up in arms regarding his – or historically, any player’s – absence, Chris Cooley, via the John Thompson Show and transcribed by Dan Steinberg at the sportsbog, thought the whole thing was overblown:

“Well, I think it means different things to different players,” [Cooley] said. “And I know that sounds funny. But if I don’t show up obviously it’s gonna be in the media and it’s gonna be discussed, but I’m not getting released from the team and I’m probably not putting my position in jeopardy at all. Obviously for the young guys and anyone drafted and anyone coming up trying to earn a spot, it’s not voluntary. This is one of your only chances to show coaches what you can do, show coaches that you’re a dependable person, and so young guys get a lot out of this work.

“A lot’s been made out of LaRon Landry missing, and I don’t think that’s as big a deal [among] our players and in our locker room as it’s been made in the media. We all know LaRon’s in great shape, and we know two days into training camp that he’ll come back and no one will remember that he missed. So I think a lot of the voluntary word depend on what your role actually is on the team.”

As Matt Terl reported on the official Washington Redskins blog, Landry promptly returned a ball intercepted by DeAngelo Hall and then lateralled to him for a touchdown, leading some to speculate how much better he could have been if he would have been here the whole time [/sarcasm].

Skins Sign Two Picks

According to Ryan O’Halloran of the Redskins 360 blog at, the Washington Redskins announced yesterday that they signed fifth round pick Cody Glenn and seventh round selection Eddie Williams.

Glenn, the running back turned linebacker out of Nebraska will be looking to compete for a spot in the linebacking corps, while tight end/h-back Eddie Williams will probably try to make his name as Mike Sellers back-up at full back.

Zorn on Campbell

While many Redskins fans continue to speculate on the future of Jason Campbell and postulate that Colt Brennan, Todd Collins or anyone else would be better under center, Jim Zorn likes what he has seen this far from his primary signal caller.

Via Gary Fitzgerald at

Standing amid a media throng outside Redskins Park, Jim Zorn was discussing how Jason Campbell has improved since last year.

“His release is quicker,” Zorn said. “You guys see that at all? I see it.”

There was a hint of excitement in his voice.

It was perhaps an example of how much Zorn, Campbell and the Redskins have accomplished since the end of the 2008 season.

So, while some of us are pining for anyone but Campbell, Jason and Zorn have been quietly working to actually improve upon his performance from a year ago. What a novel concept.

Thrash Released

From JLC’s Washington Post Redskins Insider blog, The Redskins have released James Thrash. The long-time special team ace and receiver had been contemplating retirement due to a severe neck injury, so this should make his decision easier.

Thrash, the Redskins third receiver the last two years, was looking at an uphill battle this coming season, with the purported improvement of second year pass catchers Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly, and this year’s seventh round pick Marko Mitchell and Keith Eloi, who have both impressed.

As a James Thrash fan, I hope that he decides to retire and perhaps joins the team in a coaching capacity.

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