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A Tale of Two Quarterbacks

By Bobby Johnson | August 21st, 2009

I had a feeling Michael Vick would return to the NFL. Personally I always felt he was over-rated as a QB, but I figured someone would pick him up to play as a running back.

I even considered buying a Michael Vick jersey if he was reinstated from whatever team picked him up. This wasn’t a question of my loyalty to the Redskins, but a statement of support for a man I feel is currently being unfairly persecuted after he has served his time.

Unfortunately, the only thing keeping me from buying a Michael Vick jersey now is my loyalty to the Redskins. Sorry Mike, my hatred of the Eagles trumps my support of you trying to put your life back together.

I do have to applaud the Eagles. The move to get Michael Vick was a stroke of genius! Now they have a QB fans can hate more than Donovan McNabb! I’ll never understand some fans. Here they have a team that goes to the playoffs almost every year, yet they want their QB and Head Coach fired.

Now truthfully if there are any fans that should be angry, it’s the Green Bay/Minnesota fans. The only way I can portray this betrayal to Redskins fans is that this would be the equivalent of Troy Aikman turning on Dallas, going to another team for a year, and then coming to DC. Would you welcome him with open arms? Hell No, you wouldn’t.

And what would you think of him if you knew that all of this started because he didn’t want to participate in training camp? Something tells me that if Favre loses to Green Bay, he will be burned in effigy in the parking lot and will be lucky to escape without being tarred and feathered. I know that would’ve been the outcome if Aikman had lost to Dallas.

We all would have thought he had done it on purpose.

Brett Favre has become the poster child for all that is wrong with free agency. I believe he will be booed when he is accepted into the hall of fame. Imagine if Sonny Jurgenson went on to play one more year as a Dallas Cowboy; what do you think Redskins fans would have done to him?

It’s almost as if Brett was sitting around and saying “well, I only pissed off half the fans in Green Bay by going to the Jets, I know how I can piss off the rest!”

The sad thing is, I respect T.O. more than Favre. At least T.O. is honest about things. He makes no bones about letting you know that it’s all about him, and screw everything else. The largest reason I respected Favre was his toughness and his team loyalty. Now every year we have to see him cry at the end of every season and he has become a traitor.

It’s funny, you ask me three years ago which QB I thought was a better person, Favre or Vick, and I’d tell you Favre every time. Nowadays, I won’t buy a Vick Jersey because I don’t like the Eagles, and I won’t buy a Favre jersey because I don’t like Favre.

More to the point, I’m glad neither of them is a Redskin!

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One Response to “A Tale of Two Quarterbacks”

  1. What do you expect when your nickname is the Cheeseheads? At least the hogs is a moniker you can get behind.

    Fahvray has no credibility and loses a little more sympathy from me with each passing season.

    At 39 what does he achieve by holding teams hostage with his antics?

    Get over yourself sir.

    The game is bigger than your lone Super Bowl win.

    That doesn’t excuse your disgusting behavior.

    Javon Walker must be thinking you suck for making such a stink about his wanting to get paid a few years back.

    This is the pot calling the kettle black No. 4.

    Please stay retired. The F-train is running on fumes.

    Go Skins. (Thank the lord we didn’t throw money away on Vick or Mr. Indecisive.