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Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

By Bobby Johnson | August 26th, 2009

At the end of last season, many were ready to see Jason Campbell go the way of the Do-do. Many made it clear that they believe that Campbell is the problem with the Redskins offense (even though the stats don’t quite support that).

Then, as soon as the Redskins show interest in another QB, some of those same people started a “Hands-Across-America” campaign for Campbell wondering why the Redskins would ever think of being disloyal to their starting QB.

Now we all know that the only stat lacking in Jason last year was touchdown passes. His completion % was over 60% even though the Redskins lead the league in dropped passes. He protected the ball well throwing very few interceptions, and even though he was knocked down more than most QB’s in the league, he didn’t fumble the ball very often.

You know what I think it is? I think the very thing that many people like about Jason (his poise and composure) are the very thing we all find maddening in Jason.

He’s not an edge-of-your seat kind of guy. He looks too relaxed…all the time.

He just doesn’t have that “infectious spark” that gets us all fired up about him. He doesn’t show any emotion…ever. You are as unlikely to see him throw his helmet in disgust as you are to see him leap into his Center’s arms after a touchdown pass. He just stoically walks off the field either way.

It doesn’t look like he’s having any fun out there, which makes it easy to question his heart.

The man has ice in his veins, but no fire in his heart. I’m not questioning his desire to win, but I am questioning his ability to fire up his teammates.

Look at some of the great QB’s. Steve Young played this game with a passion. You see him celebrating that Super Bowl win where he is hugging that trophy like a kid with a teddy bear. There’s a guy who played all-out. He left it all on the field.

As sick as we all are hearing about Brett Favre, back in the day, there was a guy who would do whatever it took to win. He looked like he was having fun out there. Sure, Brett lost a few games, but you never questioned his desire to win. You always believed that with him under center, the Pack had a chance to come back.

Look at Elway giving up his body in the Super Bowl for a touchdown. He got his team to believe in him. Two minutes to go, ball on the two yard line, and you just knew he was gonna get you there.

Jason is a very talented QB. He’s efficient, but he is not the emotional leader of this team…and in my opinion, that is the biggest problem with the Redskins offense.

Wanna know why the fans were screaming for Brennan last year and Daniel this year? It’s not just because these wide-eyed rookies are looking great against the second and third stringers, it’s because they look fired up. The fans are craving that. They want to see a guy that pumps his fist after a first down. They want to see a guy who leaps into the air after touchdown, or runs to his receivers for a big pat on the back.

It’s not always about “act like you’ve been there before” sometimes it’s gotta be “act like you wanna get there again!” We don’t want the Terminator, we want the bastard love child of the Terminator and the Tasmanian Devil.

Make believers out of us Jason. Take some chances. Have fun, but most importantly…WIN!

Go ‘Skins!

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One Response to “Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto”

  1. Hells yeah Dude.

    Excellent analysis of the maddening dichotomy between the Good Jason vs the Bad Jason.

    I made the point that I don’t believe we have a legitimate starting QB on our roster this year.

    Bold statement considering that Todd Collins is 39 and was the last man to lead us to the playoffs.

    Colt Brennan (last preseason’s hero)is pressing.

    He needs to relax, and let his natural style of play dictate his performance.

    Chase Daniel has peaked in my opinion.

    He’ll have a few more fine performances, but in no way is he a long-term solution to our inconsistent leadership at the QB position.

    As I also said last night, we need to rotate Jason with one of the other incumbent QB’s with the first-string offense.

    Keep the opposing defense guessing as to who will be in each series.

    Let’s make it difficult for them to get comfortable.

    It might seem like a elementary solution for an advanced AP problem, but why not experiment when you have the chance to do it without penalty?

    Next up are the Brady Bunch & Belichick.

    Hey Orakpo do us a favor and grab Tommy Boy and dent that dimple in his chin a little further in please kind sir.

    Hail to the Redskins.