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Hognostications Week 1

By Hoss | September 10th, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen,  welcome to the start of THN’s official 2009 Hognostication season.  It’s been a long off-season but it’s time to see who the best hognosticator is for the 2009 NFL season.  Congratulations go out to our reigning 2008 Hognostication Champion Skinsjock!

I will be managing this season’s pool and will keep track of the weekly results along with the season-to-date totals.  The weekly winner will be decided by the most wins and the tie-breaker will be determined by who comes closest to the total points (with out going over) in the MNF game.  This is a 17 week pool and the champion will be the hognosticator with the highest total season wins.

I will start a weekly hognostication thread in the “Around the League” forum each week so you can enter your picks there.  Please have picks submitted by 9pm on Fridays.  If there happens to be a Thursday night game than those picks must be entered prior to kick off.

You got game?  Then play, but let me warn you that this pool has a history of hognosticators that can blow the so called “experts” out of the water.

 My week 1 picks:

Tennessee @ Pittsburgh:  Pick Steelers

Miami @ Atlanta:  Pick Falcons

NY Jets @ Houston:  Pick Texans

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis:  Pick Colts

Denver @ Cincinnati:  Pick Bengals

Kansas City @ Baltimore:  Pick Ravens

Philadelphia @ Carolina:  Pick Eagles

Dallas @ Tampa Bay:  Pick Cowboys

Detroit @ New Orleans:  Pick Saints

Minnesota @ Cleveland:  Pick Vikings

St Louis @ Seattle:  Pick Seahawks

San Francisco @ Arizona:  Pick Cardinals

Washington @ NY Giants:  Pick Hail to the Redskins

Chicago @ Green Bay:  Pick Bears

Buffalo @ New England:  Pick Patriots

San Diego @ Oakland:  Pick Chargers

Tie Breaker:  49

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One Response to “Hognostications Week 1”

  1. As the unofficial 2008 co-champion* and career co-champion** hognosticator, I welcome all challengers.

    *My week 7 picks mysteriously did not show up in the official poll the week before the system went on the fritz.

    ** 608-326 (609 counting Pittsburgh over Tennessee) is tied with RiC for the all-time lead.