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Here are extra quotes from Andre Carter that were not included in this week’s article.

THN: What will be YOUR main focus Sunday? Run stopping, pass rushing, batting down passes, whatever situation you can take advantage of, or all of the above?

AC: As a defensive end, my main objective is all the above. I play the defensive call that London Fletcher gives and I execute the best way I know how.

THN: What is the difference between a preseason game and a regular season game? Is it that in a preseason game, you play to see how your talent will perform in certain situations and in a regular season game you play to win?

AC: Preseason is [for] toning your skills for the regular season and establishing an identity as an individual, a group, and as a team. Preseason is used to work on certain plays called by the coaches in order to see if it’s effective or not. Of course it allows younger players to try out and make the squad and if they are cut other NFL organizations can pick them up because they have evaluated the film from previous games during the preseason. The regular season is do or die. There are no second chances. Either you are in or out.

THN: What is your opinion of the preseason as a whole? Should it be shortened?

AC: My opinion of the preseason is so back and forth. I understand why we need it. However, the chances of having a season ending injury are high. It’s unfortunate that misfortunes of that magnitude occur but that’s the NFL. Maybe instead of having four it should be cut down to three. But what do I know?

THN: The starting defense (or what was out there in the preseason) still showed the “bend but don’t break” performance on the field but with the extra tools added, should the defense be more aggressive and not having to bend at this point?

AC: We control our fate. We have all the talent in the world. Talent doesn’t mean anything if you don’t play together. We must play together and for each other.

THN: What do you look for in a preseason game? Is there a difference between how you evaluate the preseason and regular season?

AC: One thing I look for in the preseason is my technique on the run and pass. I am very critical on technique because it’s important for a defensive line to have good foot work and great hands. If those two are out of whack then you are not going to be successful.

THN: Were there any surprises when it came to final cuts this weekend? Any surprises on who left and was brought back to the practice squad?

AC: There were no surprises during the final cuts. I am happy that Mr. Mason was on the team. He deserves it. I have always enjoyed watching him play and I would love for him to dress up for the games and use that athletic ability to create movement on the ball.

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1 thought on “Leftovers From THN Weekly: Week 1

  1. Glad to hear the positive attitude in AC’s words about Marcus Mason making the team. His weakness is his pass blocking. He’s not going to push guys off of the block like Portis does. He whiffed at least twice against the Jags.

    But he’s not going to carry the team on his shoulders. What we need is for him to grind out the 3, 4 & 5 yard carries to move the chains.

    Betts has not had the success as the yang to Portis’ ying since signing that big contract extension a couple years back.

    He’s got a good shot at finding a niche in short yardage situations, possibly when we get in the redzone. (I hope we pass a little more but I digress)

    Thinking forward to his analysis after week 1’s victory over the G-Men.

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