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Leftovers from THN Weekly: Week 2

By Jake Russell | September 17th, 2009

This week’s THN Weekly with Andre Carter is now posted and can be found here.

Here are extra quotes from Andre that were not included in Week Two’s article.

THN: In your opinion, what went well for the team and the defense during the game? What needs to be improved in order to establish ourselves?

AC: We need to get off the field on third down. The Giants were able to control the clock due to our inability to get off the field. We need to tackle better and start fast.

THN: What was needed to keep the tempo high for the defense the whole game?

AC: Good question. We needed to be smart and communicate on certain plays of the game. The success rate for winning would have been higher.

THN: Throughout the preseason and during the Giants game, there are times where there is a lot of space in the middle of the defense that running backs and tight ends have been able to exploit for catches and decent gains. Why is that happening and what can be done to change/improve that? Can you explain why someone isn’t there to cover that space?

AC: I can’t comment on the coverage but from a defensive line perspective we need to limit the throwing lanes sometime and have a better rush on the edges. That’s one way to help out those particular routes.

THN: How different are the Giants and Rams and how drastically does the game plan change from team to team? And depending on how drastic the changes are, how do they affect the team’s performance going into the next game?

AC: I haven’t studied enough film on the Rams to compare them to the Giants. From past experiences against the Rams they have always had a great run game, but if they can air it out then so be it. But that was in the past.

THN: How would you grade the linemen you’re going up against this weekend against St. Louis?

AC: They are an NFL team. They have offensive weapons and defensive weapons similar to us. They have something to prove especially from the drama they had a year ago.