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A Horse Walks into a Bar…

By Bobby Johnson | September 21st, 2009

The Bartender asks; “Why the long face?”

How many of you realize that the Redskins actually won the game yesterday? Show of hands?

No seriously, they did.

Yes…they did. I wouldn’t lie to you, they won.

Yes, I know they only scored nine points, but nine is greater than seven.

Oh sure, they naysayers are saying “same old Redskins; only scored nine points. That won’t be enough to beat our tougher opponents.”

Consider this:

The Redskins put together four drives of over 60 yards. They got to within the 10 yard line on four of their seven drives. Sure they came away with field goals instead of touchdowns, but that is something you can work on.

The problem yesterday was not as much about player execution, but play-calling in the red zone.

What’s the difference? Play-calling is easier to fix.

The problem was that when we lined up inside the 10, the whole world knew what we were going to run.

If you bunch your players up in the jumbo package, it looks like you are going to run. This is when you should go with the play-action bootleg. Jason rolls out, most of the defense bites on the run-fake and Jason can either run it in himself, or pass to the open TE in the corner.

If you go four-wide, it looks like you’re going to pass. It also spreads out the D. This is perfect for a running play or a draw. Plus, if they stack the middle against the run, you can always go play-action and try a pass with the receivers you’ve got out there.

I know what the score looks like. It looks every bit like things we’ve seen before. That’s why you’ve got to watch the game. These field goals weren’t us capitalizing on great field position and only moving the ball close enough to get a shot with our kicker, this was the team driving the length of the field and ending up with 1st and goal on three separate occasions.

I’ll admit that I too was disappointed that they couldn’t punch it in on three tries on each drive, but the playcalling was just not good enough. Don’t be mad at the players over that; they played a helluva game. Be mad at the coach, but keep in mind that he was integral in orchestrating those long drives.

The fact is that this week, the Redskins did accomplish what they needed to do. They got great pressure on Bulger, and they established the pass early. They went nearly 50% on third down conversions, and had relatively few penalties. Most importantly, their penalties weren’t “drive killers” like they had been in the past.

The Redskins also dominated time of possession thanks in no small part to their defense getting it done, and the long drives by their offense. The Redskins garnered one long drive per quarter, and if they can convert those into touchdowns, they can really start stacking up the points. It’s all going to come down to red-zone playcalling.

Just one more note for those of you who are still down on the Redskins. The New England Patriots only scored nine-points this weekend too; and they lost. This was on offense with Tom Brady, Randy Moss and Wes Welker unable to get it done versus the mighty…Jets? That can’t be right can it?

But Belicheat is an offensive genius with all of those offensive weapons, how can that happen? Brady to Moss equals automatic touchdown doesn’t it? Brady only completed 23 of 47 passes for 216 yards…versus the Jets?

Campbell went 23 of 35 for 242 yards and unlike Brady didn’t get picked.

Thanks to New Orleans and last night’s matchup between Dallas and New York (a great way to open Dallas’ new stadium BTW) The Redskins are now in a three way tie for second place in the division.

The Redskins have the makings of a good team. If Zorn can learn from his mistakes, we might start seeing those field goals replaced by touchdowns.

The major piece of bad news from yesterday was the loss of Randy Thomas. I think we all knew he was going to be a problem, even if some of us were reluctant to admit it. While nothing has been said officially, what is being said isn’t good and Mr. Thomas may find himself on the IR as early as today.

If that’s the case, this may be the end of Randy Thomas as a Redskin, and may possibly be the end of Thomas’ career.

If the Redskins’ can’t adequately fill that hole, this season may be in jeopardy. I hate to end what has otherwise been a positive review of the Redskins on a negative, but it is something to legitimately be worried about.

Something tells me the phone may start ringing at Pete Kendall’s house here shortly.

In the meantime…

Go ‘Skins!

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2 Responses to “A Horse Walks into a Bar…”

  1. Jim Zorn is admittedly an “oddball.” He listends to children’s music. Downloads soundtracks from Japanese cartoons & marches to his own beat.

    For that I admire him greatly.

    It’s this eccentric personality that I would personally like to see applied to his job as our coach.

    Redzone playcalling is not as easy to execute bc of the short field.

    The more the creative a play gets, the greater increase for mistakes to occur.

    So I do understand the tendency to be cautious.

    However, if Zorn does not let Jason or whomever is our QB, take a chance on 1st down and goal with a pass into the end zone(which is the safest down to take a high percentage shot)then we aren’t playing smart football.

    Bob, you are dead-on with your suggestions.

    The bootleg would stretch the defense and get them running sideways, and with the o-line pushing the defensive front four back Jason could take it in himself.

    Very pleased with his decision-making. No sacks were allowed, and I credit JC for stepping up in the pocket when the defense was collapsing on him.

    He was able to make tough throws to Cooley & Kelley for positive yardage.

    Moss’ fumble was our only turnover. Fundamentally the Skins’ played a nearly flawless game.

    A win is a win. I am enjoying it for this week.

    Thomas’ career is in jeopardy. He hasn’t been healthy for the last two years.

    Kendall is a good replacement bc he knows the offense. No magic potion to make him younger but other than that this is the best case scenario for a big hole to fill.

    Go Skins.

  2. Cambell has no problem getting yards its points going on 5 yrs now get rid of him