Medium; Not Well Done

Washington Commanders

Okay, I get it, I get it. Sure those Lions weren’t the 0-16 Lions of last year.

Sure those Lions were only 0-2 this year.

Yes those Lions had 16 new starters, and a new head coach, but is that the best excuse we can come up with for why we lost?

“Well, they were a good team; better than people give them credit for.” That’s our response?

How are we ever supposed to beat “good teams” if we console ourselves after a loss…if we justify a loss by saying “oh, well, they were a good team.”

I guess the natural flow of thought from that is that we aren’t supposed to beat “good teams.” It is our destiny to lose to “good teams.”

Shouldn’t we want to be the best team? Shouldn’t the team think they are the best team? Maybe that’s what’s driving us all so crazy. It’s subtle but it’s there. We, the fans, believe the Redskins are “the best team” but if you listen to the coaches and players, we are just a team, and if we lose it’s because the other team was better than us.

Where’s the anger? Where’s the accountability? For God’s sake come up with something better than “well, they were a good team.”

Blame it on the refs for all I care, but be upset about it.

Joe Gibbs was a master of taking responsibility; even if it was clearly the players’ lack of execution, he accepted the blame. Jim Zorn’s mantra seems to be “hey, I called the plays to work, but they didn’t. If you can tell me which plays will work and which won’t…you’re hired.”

Damnit Jim! These aren’t exhibitions! Get your head in the game! You gotta understand that if the players fail to execute it IS your fault! Players are only as good as their coaches. You need to accept that responsibility, and then nail their position coaches for it. What’s that old saying about excrement rolling downhill?

You’ve tried to “stay medium” and that’s great when you’re winning, but you are LOSING! Staying medium isn’t an option anymore.

You’ve got to WANT IT! NEED IT! Be ready to fight and claw and even die for it if you have to.

At the end of the game you need to be critical of what went wrong with YOURSELVES; not complimentary of the other team! You send the wrong message when you accept that the other team was “better than us.”

Sure Robert Henson had a point about how we (the fans) can’t do what you guys do. Yes, we have our 9-5 jobs and some of us flip burgers for a living, but we have something that is sorely lacking right now, we have heart!

We don’t want to “be medium” we want to be excited. I don’t kick back on my couch to watch a relaxing day of football. If I wanted something to help me sleep on a Sunday afternoon, I could turn over to NBC and watch golf. So far it seems to have the same excitement level as watching the Redskins play.

We’ve got the Buccaneers next week who are coming in 0-3. After that we may see an 0-4 Panthers team; are we gonna accept losses to them as well? What happens when we start facing teams that have actually won a game this season? How about teams who have won more than they’ve lost?

If you don’t figure it out soon, we may be the ones waiting until the end of the season (when teams are benching their starts for the playoffs) before we get our next win.

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2 thoughts on “Medium; Not Well Done

  1. The whole team has been going downhill since Brad Johnson was not resigned after leading us to playoffs in 1996.

    Dan Snyder wanted Jeff George and we got him alright.

    Just saw him the other day pricing bushels of bananas at Safeway.

    Confidence starts with the QB. He is the “face” of the organization and the one the other players must build a foundation of trust.

    Football is a brotherhood.

    Jim Zorn made a mistake by not insisting on drafting his own quarterback to develop. That would have shown true leadership.

    What is happening now is the result of disjointed management & bad player execution.

    Top to bottom the Redskins have become the team everyone circles a win against.

    Tampa Bay has benched Byron Leftwich in favor of Josh Johnson.

    O-3 about to be 1-3 if we fail to pressure this kid.

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