Leftovers – Week 4

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This week’s exclusive THN Weekly with Andre Carter is now posted and can be found here.

Here are some quotes not included in this week’s edition:

THN: Your final years in San Francisco were tough but has this game marked your lowest point in your Redskins tenure or even your whole career?

AC: In my career I have played in many upsets. That’s one thing about competing in anything that you do. There are winners and there are the unlucky ones, but only on that day. Detroit was the better team that Sunday. That’s my perspective on the game. However, I am fortunate to say there are more games ahead of us.

THN: How vital do you think Jon Jansen was to the Lions for giving them information about the Redskins offense and defense?

AC: I can’t even tell you. I am not surprised if he told his teammates and coaches what we did. Then again, each team has scouts that evaluate an opponent so whatever Jansen said I am sure Detroit was ahead of the game.

THN: I’m paraphrasing a little bit here but after the game DeAngelo Hall said something along the lines of “people here on this team think they’ve arrived and haven’t made a play in the league yet.” What/who does that refer to and if you know what he’s talking about, do you agree?

AC: I don’t know who he is referring to. I admire D-Hall’s emotion and fire. I think the important thing is to stop overanalyzing what we did or didn’t do and just play Redskin football.

THN: Is a change of attitude, culture and approach needed for the whole team? Why or why not?

AC: The only thing we can choose is what we want to be as a team. We have started off slow but this is the beginning of the season. The change in environment and culture doesn’t matter because no matter what happens we will still have the same players within the organization.

THN: It seems to me that guys like you and Phillip Daniels and the majority of the veterans take your approach to the game of football and each contest seriously. Do you believe there are guys on the team that don’t take things as seriously and are just content with banking paychecks?

AC: We feel that every man loves this game. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t. It’s no accident that each individual has played on the pro level. Yes, this is our profession and we do get paid well to perform in the arena but playing for just a paycheck in the NFL doesn’t cut it if you want to be the best. We play as a team and win as a team.

THN: Why are Anthony Montgomery and Renaldo Wynn inactive every game? Is it a strategic move on the coaches’ part? Don’t they make the team better when they’re suited up?

AC: The decisions of Renaldo and Anthony playing are game day decisions by the coaches. Before the game, coaches decide who is/isn’t playing due to specific needs in positions that day. One day they will play, it’s just not their time now.

THN: The DB’s still give a real big cushion to receivers. Is that because coach Blache doesn’t trust them to handle bump and run coverage or is it just strictly because he thinks it’s a successful design? Will he reconsider having them play that far off after three weeks?

AC: The way the secondary played was by coach Blache’s design. I cant say if he will continue to go in the same direction as weeks progress but we have our trust in him.

THN: What do you and the team expect from the FedEx Field crowd on Sunday? Mood, support, buzz, etc.

AC: Ha. I will let the fans answer that. I love this game and when the fans get excited I embrace the loud noise in the air. So those fans whose voices are horse after a game, I salute you.

THN: If you had to speak on your behalf and the team’s behalf as well, what would you like to tell the fans in regards to the state of the team so early in the season and for down the road with the rest of the season?

AC: To the fans: There are 13 more games left. Continue to support us and know we are working our hardest to win.

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