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Redskins Hire Lewis, Sign Pakulak

By Mark Solway | October 7th, 2009

The Redskins have made some moves this week to address issues of varying natures…

Punter Glenn Pakulak was signed to the practice squad, and Washington released wide receiver Trent Shelton to make the room.

Running back Chris Henry was also brought in for a look.

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With Hunter Smith’s status still not known, the Redskins will apparently give him until Friday or Saturday to see how he feels. If he’s not able to go, then Pakulak will be elevated to the active roster.

Washington also hired Sherm Lewis as an ‘offensive consultant.’ Does Jim Zorn need to start packing? Not according to Vinny Cerrato:

“He’s another set of eyes, and he’s been involved with this offense since Bill Walsh started running it. And he and Jim both had experience with Holmgren, so Sherm knows the terminology.”

I wonder if Vinny wrote about that in his diary?

Dan Steinberg made note of a few people that felt differently in his D.C. Sports Bog… including Charley Casserly:

“I’ll jump on this one right away here,” Casserly quickly said. “OK, number one, I don’t know this, [but] I don’t believe Jim Zorn voted for this, ok? Now he may have accepted it, but I have a hard time believing [he said], ‘You know what, I need somebody in here.’

“The other thing is, I’m dead set against bringing people in in the middle of the season like this, ok? This is the kiss of death, men….And it’s nothing against Sherman Lewis, I know Sherman Lewis, but I’ve never believed in these things, I’m not for it. It’s a philosophical thing that business people believe in. Obviously Dan Snyder’s believed in it because he’s done it on more than one occasion here before. I don’t….Historically, consultants lead to other people getting fired.”

Is the writing on the wall for Zorn?

Will he enjoy the ‘extra set of eyes,’ or will he actually see those eyes as the ones looking over his shoulder?

One thing that does seem to be status quo for football in the nation’s capital… uncertainty.

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