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By The Numbers: Chiefs

By Mark Solway | October 19th, 2009

Here is a look back at some of the interesting, and again painful, numbers and statistics from the Redskins 14-6 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday:

265 – Total yards for the paltry Redskins offense – this against the NFL’s 32nd-ranked defense (going into the game).

109 – Yards receiving for Dwayne Bowe on 6 receptions, he was their main target.

89 – Yards passing for Jason Campbell, after going 9 of 16. Of course those are the numbers for the first half only, because the performance put him on the bench for the second.

78 – Yards on a scamper in the 3rd for Clinton Portis; unfortunately his other 14 runs only yielded 31 yards. Congratulations on the longest run in a Redskin uniform, but without the run, the 2.1 yards per carry is pretty anemic.

75 – Yards passing for Todd Collins. Despite making an immediate impact and putting points on the board, Collins wasn’t ‘the answer’ for very long either.

15 – Punts in the game; 8 for Redskin Glenn Pakulak, and 7 for the Chiefs’ Dustin Colquitt. That’s a lot of kicking, and unfortunately, it was the result of very poor offensive play, more than great defensive play.

8 – Tackles for Reed Doughty, to again lead the team (7 solo, 1 assist).

8 – Yards on punt returns for Antwaan Randle El – on 3 attempts – when is enough, enough? It’s time to put someone else back there.

7 – First downs for the Redskins in the entire game; incidentally, the Patriots had 32 first downs on Sunday.

5 – Receptions for 57 yards for Chris Cooley – well, it’s better than nothing. At least the Redskins remembered (5 times) that #47 is the best offensive weapon that the Redskins have.

4 – Field goals on 4 attempts from Ryan Succop; it was more than the Chiefs would need.

3.5 – Sacks on the season for rookie sensation Brian Orakpo, after registering another one against the Chiefs. Imagine what he could do playing Defensive End permanently.

2 – Sacks again for Andre Carter, after 2.5 last week. While Carter may benefit greatly from having Albert Haynesworth beside him, Carter is still playing great. He spent last year getting no inside penetration to help him get sacks, so he has a little goodwill coming his way anyway. AC had seven tackles on Sunday too, to lead the team.

2 – Out of 14 on 3rd down conversion attempts for the offense; that’s more pathetic than the first down number of 7.

1 – More loss to a winless team. When Redskin fans think it can’t possibly get any worse – somehow it feels like it actually does.

Up next – the Eagles on Monday night – buckle up.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Mark Solway

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