Leftovers – Week 7

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Here are this week’s leftovers from THN Weekly with Andre Carter.

THN: Haynesworth apparently left to go to the locker room with about 25 seconds left in the game but he was also the one guy to make his voice heard and try to motivate guys and get them to step their game up after the game. Is that true? If so, why did he leave so early and what did he say?

AC: I didn’t realize he left early and I don’t know why. To be brief, he spoke about having passion and continuing to be the best in this game.

THN: How frustrating is it to put the offense in so many great situations and have very few
results come from them? Have any of the defensive players talked with any of the offensive players about that in private?

AC: The offense is doing all they can. Like I have said before this is a team effort. It’s vital we have each other’s back no matter the circumstances. There has been no finger pointing, bashing, slandering, etc. We have communicated as a whole as far as what must be done. Negativity with team will only bring the team morale down. We have been optimistic and will continue to be on a high note.

THN: The defense seems to have several inspirational leaders such as London, Phillip, Griff and yourself and you guys get VERY fired up for the games. Is there anybody on the offense that plays that role because there seems to be no fire or leadership on that side of the ball. That appears to play a role in the lack of production on the field.

AC: Even though they are injured, Randy Thomas and Chris Samuels have been leaders on the offense. Randle El has been an inspiration to the younger players. The leadership is there, and we know the offense is doing their best to move the ball successfully.

THN: What performance or play stood out to you the most against Kansas City and why?

AC: That’s a tough question. I saw a lot of great plays on three sides of the ball. Fred Smoot made a crazy hit on special teams. Laron Landry had a nice open-field tackle on a receiver and Clinton making that 78-yard run. A lot of people stood out.

THN: It’s safe to say that this is the lowest point of the season. Is the team’s mentality “it can only go up from here”?

AC: We can never say that it will get any worse. If we do then we will never put up a fight. Our faith and desire to play this game is strong. We will turn it around.

THN: The defense has been able to do its job against inferior opponents. Why hasn’t the offense been able to do the same on their end? Why, with all the talent this team has, is the offense struggling the way it has been?

AC: I really don’t know. I wish I had an answer. Watching them and knowing they are trying their best is all we can ask.

THN: You’ve gotten to know the Eagles very well since you’ve played them twice a season for the last three seasons. What is one common theme or pattern you’ve noticed with them?

AC: One thing about the Eagles is they never quit. The defense is very aggressive. They have the old Gregg Williams mentality. They love to blitz at any given down. The offense can put points on with a quickness.

THN: Earlier you said you didn’t know why the fans are booing. Now do you have a better understanding?

AC: I have heard mix reviews. I just hope that we can all come together.

THN: Does the booing really affect the players? Why or why not?

AC: We have to focus on our opponents and win. The rest will take care of itself.

THN: The Eagles certainly have a better offensive line than the Kansas City Chiefs. As was stated before, you know them pretty well by now. What will it take for you and the defense to get to McNabb like you did against Cassel?

AC: Like any game it’s important to study your opponent. Know their strengths and weakness and exploit them. Communication with teammates is vital when it comes to setting up pass rush moves.

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