So Long Chris?

Washington Commanders

Jason Reid at the Washington Post WAS reporting that Chris Samuels was officially retiring; but now the blog has been updated to say that, “A source close to Samuels said he will not make a final decision on retirement until December or January.”

After suffering a neck inury two weeks ago, many have speculated, myself included, that the injury could bring about the end of his career – the end of an era really.

Samuels has manned the left side of the Redskins offensive line since his rookie season, and done so well enough to earn six Pro Bowl visits. The Redskins knew they were getting a blue chip prospect when they drafted him 3rd overall out of Alabama in 2000. While there’s no such thing as a sure thing in an NFL Draft, the 1999 Outland Trophy winner was pretty close considering that he had only allowed one sack in his last two seasons at Alabama; none at all in his final season.

A player that has given so much to the Redskin organization deserves more than a quick blog, so look for THN’s proper good-byes to Chris at a later date, if he does in fact decide to retire.

Amazingly, his Wikipedia page has already been updated, and lists him as retired.

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